[Online consultation] Topic 2: Key affected women and girls

The Asia Pacific Alliance for Sexual and Reproductive Rights (APA), Citizen News Service (CNS) and SEA-AIDS eForum Resource Team have launched the topic 2 of online consultation in lead up to the 10th International Congress on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific (10th ICAAP). The Topic 2 is open for comments during 1-20 August 2011. GUIDING QUESTION is: What strategies would you priorities to address the needs and rights of key affected women and girls? In your response, please clarify who you consider key affected women and girls and what are the main challenges in ensuring a more enabling environment for these women and girls? Please share examples. Have your say! (send comments to bobby@citizen-news.org)

BACKGROUND NOTE: Most countries in the Asia Pacific region are experiencing concentrated epidemics, with men who have sex with men (MSM), sex workers (SW) and their clients, and people using drugs (PUD) identified as the key affected populations (KAPs). Programmes for KAPs should be designed to include women and girls such as female drug users, female and transgender sex workers and wives of married MSM. For example, women and girls have specific sexual and reproductive health needs that are often not sufficiently addressed in HIV and AIDS programmes.

Furthermore, key affected women and girls lack opportunity and support to have their voices heard. In order to ensure more attention to women and girls at ICAAP and beyond, we would like to offer this opportunity to hear from you in this online consultation.

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SEA-AIDS eForum Resource Team
Email: bobby@citizen-news.org