Gender equality and women's rights are critical cog in the wheel to advance progress on SDGs

This Podcast features Mr Björn Andersson, UNFPA Regional Director for Asia and the Pacific.

#APCRSHR10 Dialogues (episode 3) featured Tomoko Fukuda of IPPF (ESEAOR)

Gender equity and human rights are pivotal for advancing progress on SDGs

The Nairobi Statement endorsed to mark 25 years of the 1994 International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD25) gives renewed hope and stronger thrust to gender equity and human rights. Achieving universal access to sexual and reproductive health and rights as a part of universal health coverage; zero unmet need for family planning information and services, and universal availability of quality, accessible, affordable and safe modern contraceptives; zero preventable maternal deaths and maternal morbidities; and zero gender based violence, are some of the key promises that were made last year at ICPD25.

Accelerating progress on sexual & reproductive health & rights is key driver towards SDGs

[हिंदी] Improvements in the health sector, as well as in other sectors such as infrastructure development, economic growth and poverty reduction, play a major role in improving not only health and life expectancy of the people, but also have a direct impact on their sexual and reproductive health.