World Asthma Day | 4th May, Tuesday

 Join us on World Asthma Day (4th May, Tuesday) at 2pm Singapore/ Manila/ KL time (1pm Bangkok/ Hanoi/ Phnom Penh/ Jakarta, 12:30pm Myanmar, 12 noon Bangladesh, 11:30am India/ Sri Lanka, 11:45am Nepal).

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Quid Pro Quo system?

smoke from the electric crematorium in Lucknow

Narendra Modi once said he is a Gujarati and understands business. As time passes his business model is getting exposed and he is becoming more shameless like any ordinary businessman. It is quite clear to the people that he is not withdrawing the three controversial farm laws because all the three laws are meant to benefit the private corporations at the cost of farmers. In fact, the farmers’ movement has also openly targeted Adani and Ambani in addition to Narendra Modi as their enemies. Graphic flex banners are visible at the protest sites at Singhu and Tikri.

Government of India must immediately nationalize all healthcare infrastructure and services; and stop profiteering from illness

Growing number of people are demanding that Modi government and all state governments must immediately nationalize all healthcare infrastructure and services in wake of acute national emergency threatening public health and social justice in the country. Also, we demand that government must strictly enforce the 2018 Allahabad High Court’s Justice Sudhir Agarwal and Justice Ajeet Kumar order that all receiving salaries from the government and their family members should get themselves treated at government health care facilities. Implementation of this order alone will make the government health care robust.

We need more hospitals, not temples or mosques

As India runs a drive for vaccination against Covid the nature reminds us about our diminutiveness by an accompanying surge in Covid cases, the like of which was not seen last year. In 2020, India had reported the highest number of 98,795 cases in 24 hours on 17 September 2020 but now the new unfortunate peak was achieved in April 2021 with over 3.5 lakhs (over 350,000) of new cases in past 24 hours in the country.