Thousands of engineering and management professionals support Anna Hazare

More than 2000 people including students and faculty members of India's noted management and engineering institutes such as Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and Indian Institute of Management (IIM) have formally endorsed the petition seeking support for Anna Hazare's fast against corruption by skipping one meal in the day so long as he continues with his fast.

"This is an appeal that seeks to express solidarity with Anna Hazare who has decided to undertake a fast-unto-death — unless the government agrees to enact a powerful law to rid India of the scourge of corruption – by agreeing to skip one meal per day so long as Anna continues with his fast, to strengthen the movement that he and rest of the country have owned up. Sign up now for skipping a meal per day as long as Anna continues to be on fast and encourage others to join. Send this mail to more people" said Magsaysay Awardee Dr Sandeep Pandey who is a visiting Professor at IIT Gandhinagar.

IIT/IIM people who have signed the petition in support of this campaign include: Dr Sandeep Pandey (faculty member IIT Gandhinagar and Magsaysay Awardee), Navdeep Mathur (Faculty member at IIM Ahmedabad), Trilochan Sastry (Faculty member at IIM Bangalore), Mukta Tripathy, Supreet Saini, Girish Singhal, Sandeep Pandey (Faculty members at IIT Gandhinagar), Manmohan Pandey (Faculty member at IIT Guwahati), Amitabh Mukherjee, Deepak Gupta, Arnab Bhattacharya, Krithika Venkatramani (Faculty members at IIT Kanpur), Yogesh K Agarwal, Rahul Pandey (Faculty members at IIM Lucknow), Prashast Srivastava, Rohitashva Singh Tomar (Students of IIM Ahmedabad), Abhishek Upadhyay, Ravi Prakash Nath Tripathi, Awneesh Upadhyay, Vijay Tripathi, E.Naveen kumar,G.Nithin Kumar,J.Tejeswara Rao,Vivek Kshirsagar,K.Omkar, Ajinkya Kulkarni, Shashank Pandey, Monica Yadav, Shyamal Kishore, Alpana Thorat, Hare Lal, Vibhav Katre, Anchit Gaurav, Shail Garg, Gaurav Garg (Students of IIT Gandhinagar), Kalyan S (Alumnus of IIT Guwahati) and C Naveen (Student of IIT Hyderabad). The list of endorsers is growing.

Petition is available online here


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