Pandemic is over but the fight to end corporate capture of healthcare intensifies

When 99% of the people worldwide were reeling under the severe COVID-19 pandemic and cascading humanitarian crises, 1% of the corporate elites continued to sinisterly push for privatisation of public services and minted even more profits. More shocking is the fact that corporate plunder peaked (even in healthcare) during the severest of public health emergencies in recent times.

People’s spirit to help each other shone bright in the darkest of COVID-19 times

Despite the grief and sorrow brimming in people’s hearts during the severest of the COVID-19 pandemic waves, the indomitable spirit to help each other survived and shone bright.

Close the tap: Mopping the floor approach is not enough to end TB

As per the latest Global TB Report of the World Health Organization (WHO), globally 10.6 million people developed TB in 2021 - an increase of 4.5% from 10.1 million in 2020. Eight of the thirty high TB burden countries (India, Indonesia, China, Philippines, Pakistan, Democratic Republic of the Congo) accounted for 68% of the global total with India leading the pack at 28%.