[podcast] The Hero Lies In You (episode-1): Ms Dorothy Solomon

The Hero Lies In You
- a special CNS series - salutes extraordinary lives of those who inspire us. This episode features Ms Dorothy Solomon who is in conversation with CNS founder and Executive Director Ms Shobha Shukla. Born in 1929, Ms Dorothy Solomon lives by the dictum of her father’s last words spoken to her when she was barely 10 years old: “We want something, and God ordains something else. God’s will prevails. Never get perturbed in life”. She defeated Covid-19, and even at age 92, tatting (making lace by hand) and doing embroidery are part of her daily routine. Listen to more of her (extra)ordinary life.

[video] The Hero Lies In You series (episode 1): Ms Dorothy Solomon

Substantial weight gain as dolutegravir is rolled out in Africa

Study finds women gain more weight; underlines need to watch out for weight-related diseases

Shobha Shukla, Bobby Ramakant

(published in NAM aidsmap on 21 June 2022)

A study analysing data from four African countries found that people living with HIV who switched to a dolutegravir-based antiretroviral regimen had a four-fold increase in average weight gain, compared to the year before the switch.

During the lockdown, community led from the front in ensuring HIV treatment reaches people

"HIV treatment and care could continue during COVID-19, thanks to intense community participation," said Daxa Patel, in an interview given to CNS. Daxa is Secretary General at Gujarat State Network of People living with HIV (GSNP+) and is former President of National Coalition of People Living with HIV (NCPI+) in India.

Call to register for Hindi/Urdu consultation: The Declaration of the Rights of People Affected by TB

Join us on 23rd June 2022, Thursday, at 2:30pm India time for a consultation in Hindi/ Urdu languages with English simultaneous interpretation regarding local promotion of the Declaration of the rights of people affected by tuberculosis (TB).

Inequity and health security: will the poison that blinds, open our eyes too?

"There are poisons that blind you, and poisons that open your eyes" 
had said famous Swedish author August Strindberg. COVID-19 and monkeypox have not only exposed the inequity which poisons our health systems but has also caused avoidable human sufferings, including deaths. Even though inequity has been ailing our health and development model since long, the privileged class has remained numb and blind to it. But COVID-19 has proven that even the rich and powerful cannot remain firewalled from outbreaks of infectious diseases. Is it not high time that we open our eyes and rebuild equitable health and social security for all?

Local leaders unitedly push for One Health approach. Will G20 leaders tango?

[हिंदी] Before G20 leaders and experts meet next week for the second health working group meeting under Indonesian G20 presidency, local leaders from several cities across the Asia Pacific region have unitedly called for implementing One Health approach.