Bimla Misra Memorial Health Fellowship Programme

Bimla Misra Memorial Health Fellowship Programme is hosted by CNS every year. CNS awards annual Bimla Misra Memorial (BMM) Health Fellowships to health and science journalists/ writers from low- and middle- income countries to achieve the following objectives: 
- Increase evidence-based health reporting from the frontlines
- Document voices of affected communities dealing with specific health issues  
- Build upon the understanding and sensitivity of CNS Health Fellows on a range of health issues
- Increase community-centric health news coverage in local newspapers and other media channels
- Raise awareness and build public consciousness on health issues through sustained news coverage
The BMM Health Fellows will:
 - Receive exclusive and latest media advisories or issue briefs on specific health issues regularly so that they can conduct in-country interviews and speak their world bringing local realities to the fore
- Participate in video-conferencing/ webinars/ online dialogue on specific issues
- Connect with key experts in their own country or region on relevant issues for interviews or learning sessions, including those from affected communities
- Receive high quality professional editing of their articles by CNS Editors
- Benefit from high quality translation of their articles if required
- Get published on CNS website
- Get more visibility through dissemination of their articles through CNS syndicate, and other social media platforms
- Get preference when CNS is putting together an on-site team for conference reporting at various regional or global health conferences, meetings or other events
- Be awarded a certificate recognizing their contribution and participation in the annual BMM Health Fellowship programme
                               - and a lot more! -

BMM Health Fellows 2017
(23rd June 2017 online briefing, podcast)
[Names of those who complete 2017-2018 BMM Health Fellowship will be published in May 2018 as the annual programme is currently underway. 20 candidates from several nations in Asia and Africa are part of 2017-2018 BMM Health Fellowship Programme]

 BMM Health Fellows 2017
         Dr PS Sarma, India
         Dr Abha Jaiswal, India
         Dr Sophia Thomas, India
         Dr Nachiket Sule, India
         Brihaspati Kumar Pandey, India
         Emani Krishna Rao, India 
         Manoj Toshniwal, Akola, India      
         Vishwapati Verma, India 
         Esther Teddy Essien, Nigeria
         Locadia Mavhudzi, Zimbabwe
         Luke Bisani, Malawi
         Wesley Kumwenda, Malawi
         Nothando Mary Fruhwirth De Sousa, Swaziland 
         Lindelwa Malinga, Swaziland  

 BMM Health Fellows 2016
         Urvashi Prasad, India
         Mokamatam Madhu Babu, India
         Ephraim Nyondo, Malawi
         Winnie Botha, Malawi
         Victor Okong Moturi, Kenya
         Pritha Roy Choudhury, India
         Joyce Kimani, Kenya
         Luis Enrique Jaime Portal, El Salvador
         Roger Paul Kamugasha, Uganda
         Tikondane Vega, Malawi
         Tuyeimo Haidula, Namibia
         Josephine Chinele, Malawi
         Mercy Chaluma, Malawi
         Aarti Dhar, India
         Chika Onyesi, Nigeria
         Francis Obinna Okoye, Nigeria
         Archana Jyoti, India 

CNS Health Fellows 2015
         Catherine Mwauyakufa, Zimbabwe (Awarded)
         Judd-Leonard Okafor, Nigeria
         Pretty Chavango, Zimbabwe (Awarded)
         Zehru Nissa, India
         Richa Sharma, India (Awarded)
         Humphery Chikezie, Nigeria
         Nnenna Jane Ibeh, Nigeria
         O. Beryl,
         Lwin Lwin Thant, Myanmar (Awarded) 

CNS Health Fellows 2014
         Eranga Isaac, Nigeria (Awarded)
         Henry Kahara, Kenya
         Sidi Sarro, Kenya
         Chhatra Karki, Nepal (Awarded)
         Jyotsana Singh, India
         Bamidele Timothy, Nigeria
         Owen Nyaka, Malawi (Awarded)

CNS Health Fellows 2013
         Alice M Tembe, Swaziland (Awarded)
         Carolyn Kavita Tauro, India (Awarded)
         Diana Esther Wangari, Kenya (Awarded)
         Sam Banda Jnr, Malawi (Awarded)
         Okeoghene Oghenekaro, Nigeria (Awarded)
         Bernard Appiah, Ghana 
         Dismus Buregyeya, Uganda
         Fazlur rehman, India
         Garikai Chaunza, Zimbabwe
         Gaurav Saigal, India
         Gugulethu Nyazema, Zimbabwe
         Henry Kibira, Kenya
         Yamon Phu Thit, Myanmar
          Monicah Mwangi, Kenya
          Moses Wasamu, Kenya
          Ni Ni Myint, Myanmar
          Olufunke Abike Osindele, Nigeria
          Paidamoyo Chipunza, Zimbabwe
          Raju Kumar, India
          Soe Kalayar, Myanmar

CNS Health Fellows 2012 on lung health
Kakaire Ayub Kirunda, Uganda (Awarded)
Chief K Masimba Biriwasha, Zimbabwe (Awarded)
Jittima Jantanamalaka, Thailand, (Awarded)
Duangkamol Donchaum, Thailand, (Awarded)
Rahul Kumar Dwivedi, India, (Awarded)
CNS Health Fellows 2011 on childhood pneumonia
Somya Arora, (Awarded)
Shikha Srivastava, (Awarded)
Neeraj Mainali, (Awarded)
Jitendra Dwivedi, (Awarded)
Nadeem Salmani, (Awarded)

About Mrs Bimla Misra

Mrs Bimla Misra who breathed her last on 12th September 2013 at the age of 84 years, is an example of living and dying with dignity and grace. True to her profession of an educationist, she taught her students till one month before her demise, and then donated her body to the cause of medical education to King George's Medical University (KGMU), sans any rituals.  Despite her crippling arthritis, she preferred to live all by herself (away from her 3 children), defying the age-old traditions and 'ageism' stereotypes. It was difficult for anyone who came in contact with her to not get infected by her beaming smile and her positive attitude towards life, making little of the numerous problems that can beset anyone of her age. She taught not only English but also how to persevere in the face of adversity; how to find joy in sorrow; and how to live life to its fullest despite all odds.

To commemorate her legacy and inspiring life, we humbly dedicate our annual Health Fellowship Programme to her with the intent that the values she upheld will guide us. Her life will inspire the Fellows to have their say with courage, integrity and conviction on issues that matter most to them in the struggle to achieve health and gender justice, so do we believe.

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