After months of diagnostic delay, a migrant worker could access TB services only when a community health worker met him

A migrant worker who was sick for over three months, actively sought medical help and advice, but his health kept deteriorating. Despite having constant cough, fever, and increasing weakness since months, neither he nor his treating doctor(s) thought of TB. And this did not happen in an area with low TB rates but in India’s national capital Delhi – a state with highest TB rates nationwide – and a country which is home to the largest TB burden in the world.

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Finding TB is central to ending TB, says Prof Kogie Naidoo of CAPRISA

Labour Day | Gender Equality Talks on invisible labour at home

Join us on the eve of World Labour Day, on Tuesday, 30th April 2024, in a special episode of Gender Equality Talks live on invisible labour at home (2pm India. Sri Lanka time, duration: 1 hour). This year's Labour Day 2024 is on the theme “Social justice and decent work for all,” and we at CNS are hosting a special session of Gender Equality Talks Live focussing on invisible labour at home: the unpaid care work.

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[podcast] Dr Bornali Datta shares high impact journey of Medanta vans reaching the unreached with TB services

Listen to this podcast featuring Dr Bornali Datta, Director, Respiratory Medicine at Medanta, and Project Lead of Mission TB Free Haryana. She shares insights of the incredible and high-impact journey of Medanta vans since 2015 onwards of how they are reaching the unreached with WHO recommended and quality assured TB diagnostics and services in Haryana, Delhi, and other parts of India. She is in conversation with Shobha Shukla, CNS founder Managing Editor and Chairperson of Global Antimicrobial Resistance Media Alliance.

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The chasm between TB and HIV continues

“The two worst global health problems have combined forces well. But the institutions addressing them have miserably failed to put their act together,” wrote Dr Tim France, a noted global health thought leader, in an op-ed article titled “The chasm between TB and HIV” which was widely published in several newspapers of high TB burden countries in Asia Pacific and Africa in 2006.

[podcast] TB diagnosis and treatment is free but people face unacceptable catastrophic costs, diagnostic delays

This World Health Day Podcast features Dr Susmita Chatterjee, Programme Lead - Health Economics, Health Systems Science, The George Institute for Global Health, India. She is also a Conjoint Senior Lecturer, University of New South Wales; DBT/Wellcome Trust India Alliance Clinical and Public Health Intermediate Fellow; and Professor, Prasanna School of Public Health, Manipal University. Read this article which is referenced in the podcast "Deconstructing the economic burden of tuberculosis in India."

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[video] TB diagnosis and treatment is free but people face unacceptable catastrophic costs, diagnostic delays