Be different: Become a part of Bimla Misra Memorial Health Fellowship Programme

Are you willing to be different, and:
  • Be the change you want to see in the world?
  • See things differently, and strive for a better tomorrow?
  • Challenge the status quo, and think and act differently, to make sustainable development a reality for all - where no one is left behind?
  • Focus on issues that matter to people most in need?  
If yes, then Bimla Misra Memorial Health Fellowship Programme, offers you such an opportunity. CNS awards annual Bimla Misra Memorial Health Fellowships to people from around the world, who are willing to voice issues that are critical to health and development justice in form of news and feature articles, audio podcasts and/or videos.

Bimla Misra Memorial Health Fellows will:
  • Increase evidence-based reporting from the frontline
  • Document voices of affected communities dealing with specific health and development issues
  • Raise awareness and build public consciousness on specific health and development issues, and linkages between them via articles/ podcasts/ videos
CNS team will:
  • Host online e-Learning sessions (webinars, eConversations, online courses) on current issues related to global health and development justice
  • Help connect with key experts in the Fellows' country/ region for interviews/ interactions/ knowledge exchanges
  • Provide high quality professional editing of Fellows' articles
  • Give more visibility to issues Fellows help raise via their articles/ podcasts/ videos, by strategic dissemination of content via CNS Syndication Service, and social media platforms
  • Give preference to Fellows when CNS is putting together an onsite Correspondents team for thematic and in-depth coverage of various regional/ global health and development conferences, meetings or other events
  • Award a Certificate to the Fellow upon his/her successful completion of the Fellowship Programme through active participation in at least 10 online e-Learning sessions, and producing article/ podcast/ video based on them (and other local/ regional interactions, in close coordination with CNS Editorial Team)
Fellows who have been awarded Bimla Misra Health Fellowship in the past:

About Mrs Bimla Misra

Mrs Bimla Misra who breathed her last on 12th September 2013 at the age of 84 years, is an example of living and dying with dignity and grace. True to her profession of an educationist, she taught her students till one month before her demise, and then donated her body to the cause of medical education to King George's Medical University (KGMU), sans any rituals.  Despite her crippling arthritis, she preferred to live all by herself (away from her 3 children), defying the age-old traditions and 'ageism' stereotypes. It was difficult for anyone who came in contact with her to not get infected by her beaming smile and her positive attitude towards life, making little of the numerous problems that can beset anyone of her age. She taught not only English but also how to persevere in the face of adversity; how to find joy in sorrow; and how to live life to its fullest despite all odds.

To commemorate her legacy and inspiring life, we humbly dedicate our annual Health Fellowship Programme to her with the intent that the values she upheld will guide us. Her life will inspire the Fellows to have their say with courage, integrity and conviction on issues that matter most to them in the struggle to achieve health and gender justice, so do we believe.

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  • Institutions/ organizations are welcome to partner with CNS in hosting the Bimla Misra Memorial Health Fellowship Programme. If this sounds interesting, write to us at:
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