Staff shortage remains a bottleneck in viral hepatitis services

[watch the video interview | listen to podcast] Indian state of Manipur, hard-hit by HIV and hepatitis both, should be providing free screening, diagnosis, and treatment services for hepatitis B and hepatitis C. But despite commendable progress in recent years, acute staff shortage is crippling the programme implementation.

Local coordinated actions firewall the HIV response from threats posed by TB, hepatitis, NCDs

[watch recording here | slides of Dr Paula Fujiwara] Over 28.7 million people living with HIV were receiving lifesaving antiretroviral therapy by end of 2021. While we push for efforts to ensure every person living with HIV is receiving full spectrum of HIV care and remains virally suppressed (so that undetectable equals untransmittable becomes a reality), we also have to safeguard against threats that can wither away gains made in fighting AIDS.