Reject corrupt and criminal candidates

[Hindi] An important question rose in the movement against corruption. A lot more money far above the expense limit set by the Election Commission will be spent in elections. In ongoing Vidhan Sabha elections most candidates of big political parties will spend more than Rs 1 crore on an average. In a sting operation done by a TV channel some candidates said that they will spend many time smore than Rs 1 crore. Despite the cap on election spending set by the election commission is Rs 16 lakhs. It is obvious all the money spent above Rs 16 lakhs will come from corrupt means and is black money. This means that corruption reeks in the very foundation of our political system. How can we expect that such public representatives will make a strong law against corruption?

Chose life, not addictions and stop gender-based discrimination

[हिंदी] Lucknow’s young short-film-maker Manasvi Bhawtosh interacted with the audience at CNS Monthly Film Screening at CNS, C-2211, C-block crossing, Indira Nagar, after the screening of his four short films on social issues. Manasvi Bhawtosh has directed five short films: The Face; Ehsaas; I’m 17, I Was 17; Kashmakash; and assisted in directing ‘Why Me’; has edited nine films and plays; and has cinematography experience in seven films and plays.

"Choose life, not tobacco": appeals Shobha Shukla to VIT students

Since majority of tobacco addiction takes root in young age, children and youth need to be informed of tobacco-related diseases, disabilities and deaths to make a wise choice and say NO to tobacco, said Shobha Shukla, Managing Editor, CNS, who was speaking at Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT) in Tamil Nadu on 18th January 2012. Shobha Shukla is a former senior faculty at Loreto Convent College and a noted social activist with Indian Society Against Smoking, Asha Parivar and National Alliance of People's Movements (NAPM).

Finance minister's pre-budget consultation: Civil society inputs into budget making and governance

[हिंदी] Pranab Mukherjee, Finance Minister of India, convened a pre-budget consultation with a diverse group of people on 17th January 2012 in New Delhi. One of the representatives from social sector was Dr Sandeep Pandey, Magsaysay Awardee and noted social activist, who made the following suggestions on budget making and governance.

Biggest threat to citizens lurks within our borders

Newspapers in India today feature a news prominently where the Army Chief has said that nuclear weapons are not for war-fighting (because it will finish the world) but have a deterrent value. Also the news highlights that Pakistan has slightly more nuclear warheads than India - further fueling the ongoing arms race in the Indian sub-continent. Firstly, we believe that the nuclear weapons have zero deterrent value. If nuclear weapons had a deterrent value then nuclear powers would not have been attacked by countries that have no nuclear weapon, and nuclear powers would not have to lose a war. Secondly, where should India invest a significant portion of its budget - in strengthening military/ army or systems that help fight the 'enemies' that are real threat to its citizens on daily basis?

Recommendations to conduct elections in a more democratic and fair manner

[हिंदीSome very clear suggestions were submitted yesterday to the Chief Election Commission of Uttar Pradesh state to conduct forthcoming Vidhan Sabha elections in February 2012 in a more democratic and fair manner. Dr Sandeep Pandey, Magsaysay Awardee and Vice President, Socialist Party and member, National Presidium, Lok Rajniti Manch, has submitted a list of five strategic recommendations to increase accountability and transparency in the electoral process.

2012 Elections: Lok Rajniti Manch releases code of conduct

[हिंदी] Lok Rajniti Manch had organized a political meeting on 7th January 2012 which was attended by members of Lok Rajniti Manch, Samajwadi Jan Parishad, Socialist Party, Loktantrik Samajwadi Party, Jan Sangharsh Morcha, Sajha Sanskriti Manch, Varanasi and some individuals. Prominent among those who attended were Dr. B.D. Sharma, Pannalal Surana, S.R. Darapuri, Dr Sandeep Pandey, Lal Bahadur Singh, Ajit Jha, J.P. Singh, Onkar Singh, Girish Pandey, Anup Gupta, Uma Shankar Mishra, R.K. Agarwal and K.K. Sharma. Code of conduct for candidates supported by the Lok Rajniti Manch in forthcoming elections was agreed upon.

Adieu Dr Govil!

The hands, which healed, bringing back thousands of kids to life from near death, are no more. The voice that inspired hope in the hopeless is silenced. We lost Professor (Dr) Yogesh C Govil, Professor of Paediatrics, Chhatrapati Shahuji Maharaj Medical University, (erstwhile King George’s Medical College), Lucknow, to the cruel hands of fate. He, who was like God to many of his patients, was snatched away by God in a fatal car accident on Sunday, the 8th of January, 2012. An excellent and sensitive doctor, who touched many lives with his humility and gentleness, Dr Govil will be fondly and tearfully remembered by his colleagues and numerous patients who virtually idolized him. We at CNS are proud of our long association with Dr Govil. Despite his very busy schedule, he always found time to enlighten us about various childhood diseases.