Global Fund Consultation: Topic 1: Lives Saved

Increasing the number of lives saved, impact and value for money
Guiding Question
Thinking about what it funds and the way funding is currently provided, what should the Global Fund do more of – or less of – in order to maximize value for money and increase the number of lives saved and infections prevented?

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In the past nine years, the Global Fund has proven itself an efficient and cost-effective mechanism for expanding the world’s response to the global pandemics of HIV, tuberculosis and malaria.

By the end of 2010, over 3 million people are receiving ARV treatment from Global Fund financing. 7.7 million people have received anti-tuberculosis treatment, and 160 million long lasting insecticidal nets have been distributed for malaria prevention. Beyond the three diseases, Global Fund investments have also made major contributions to health systems and achievement of Millennium Development Goals 4 (reduce child mortality) and 5 (improve maternal health). These contributions are part of a global effort to change the course of the three diseases through the provision of unprecedented, yet still insufficient, financial support.

At the same time, questions exist as to whether the Global Fund’s systems and processes for accessing funding are still as rapid and simple as originally planned. In turn, this raises for discussion the topic of whether there is sufficient predictability in Global Fund financing to ensure continued scale-up of high quality services at the country level in a sustainable and cost-effective manner. In a global environment of increasing focus on ensuring improved value for money (cost effectiveness) and increased impact for the money spent (ensuring that resources are spent on the right interventions, in the right contexts, and for the right people), it is useful to consider whether the Global Fund should do more of some things, and less of others, and also whether the current funding modalities permit sustained impact.

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Further reading on this topic
In addition to the background documents currently available on the website you may also want to read part 3 of the document titled "Agenda for a More Efficient and Effective Global Fund" available here

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