CII Woman Exemplar Award 2011 to a UP woman farmer

[Hindi]  Ramrati, who is a 50 year old farmer from Sarpatha village in eastern Uttar Pradesh, has been selected for the coveted Woman Exemplar Award 2011. This award was instituted in 2005 by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and HSBC is the partner and sponsor for this award, to promote women empowerment at the community level by discovering and recognising those who have, against all odds, contributed in the fields of education and literacy, health, and, micro enterprise, thereby making a significant contribution to the development process in India.

Ramrati has been involved with Gorakhpur Environment Action Group (GEAG) since past 15 years in giving shape to sustainable agriculture in the region. Ramrati will receive this award on 8-9 April 2011 in New Delhi. The award carries besides the citation, an amount of Rs 1 lakh (INR 100,000).

Ramrati's contribution in pursuing and promoting sustainable agriculture within her limited means and strengthening her micro agro-based enterprise is an example for other farmers in the country. Ramrati is the first woman farmer from Uttar Pradesh to receive this award.

Ramrati began as a farm-labourer on other people's fields as she didn’t had money to even buy seeds. After relentless struggle of over fifteen years to earn her livelihood and benefitting from a self-help-group set up by GEAG, she finally succeeded in emerging as a successful farmer in the region. Being a woman, she was all the more source of inspiration for others.

[This article was originally written in Hindi language. Translation was done by CNS]

Jitendra Dwivedi - CNS
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