Don't neglect your oral health and hygiene: Dr Shivani Sharma

We shouldn't neglect our oral health and hygiene, said Dr Shivani Sharma, a Mumbai-based dental surgeon who was speaking at a seminar in Spring Dale College, A-block Indira Nagar, Lucknow (India). "Brush your teeth twice daily. What's also very important to remember is to rinse your mouth thoroughly after every meal, use of correct brushing technique, improper brushing technique leads to calculus deposition on teeth causing several dental problems" said Dr Shivani Sharma, who has achieved laurels from not only Spring Dale College but also India's premier King George's Medical College (KGMC). More to learn from Dr Sharma on how to take care of the tooth brush to begin with. "Flaring or without flaring, change your toothbrush every three months. Dry your toothbrush thoroughly in between brushing. If you fall ill, have fever or sore throat, change your toothbrush as streptococcus bacteria grow on it" said Mumbai-based dental surgeon Dr Shivani Sharma.

Enumerating common causes of mouth ulcers, Dr Sharma said: "Stress, food sensitivity, trauma, and a common ingredient of tooth pastes (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate) that leads to mouth ulcers if users are sensitive to it."

How to get rid of mouth ulcers? "Change you tooth paste  to one without sodium lauryl sulphate. Always use a toothpaste recommended by American Dental Association as they are tested and safe" said Dr Shivani Sharma.

Speaking about a common cause of oral ill-health and bad hygiene, Dr Shivani Sharma said: "frequent use of these soft drinks erode the enamel - the outer layer of the teeth which is also the hardest substance in the body and can never be grown back. If you drink these aerated soft drinks occasionally, always use a straw to avoid direct contact with the upper front teeth. Do not swish through the teeth before swallowing."

Speaking about another young people's favourite 'chewing gum', Dr Shivani Sharma said: "Chewing gums stimulate the flow of saliva which helps to clean food residues but the sugar content enhances tooth decay. Let me give for chewing gum lovers. Use chewing gums with xylitol, the sweetener which does not enhance acid production by bacteria. Do not use chewing gums for a long time, chewing gums for more than 3 hours a day contributes to TMJ (JAW) discomfort."

On a very poignant note, Dr Shivani Sharma gave a message for life: "Share your joy, happiness and your Knowledge. Never share your water bottles, moisturizers, lip care creams, handkerchief, towels etc." Herpes virus is very common in teenagers and is highly contagious and often spreads via the above mentioned modes.

Spreading awareness on how to diagnose bleeding gums, Dr Shivani Sharma said: "Basic cause of bleeding gums is plaque deposit on teeth-plaque irritates gums-leads to swelling and bleeding in gums.
Bleeding gums can also occur due to hormonal changes. If not taken care of in early stage-bone loss-tooth mobility-tooth loss."

"Tobacco is a BAD NEWS in any form. Smokeless forms of tobacco like, spit, chew, snuff are even more addictive."

She cautioned against pre-cancerous lesions like leukoplakia. Cancer is painless initially, that is why it is often ignored, said Dr Sharma. "Cancer can lead to extensive, disfiguring surgeries, even worse, IT CAN KILL" said Dr Shivani Sharma.

"You are God's priceless gift to this world and specially your parents. So if you love your creator, God and your parents take a pledge to stay away from tobacco in all its forms" appealed Dr Shivani Sharma.

Ms R Khanna, Principal, Spring Dale College, appealed to students to stay away from tobacco and other unhealthy habits.

Let's hope their appeals help ensure health for hundreds who were listening to them at the seminar in Spring Dale College, Lucknow.

On another note, it was very inspiring to see how Mumbai-based dental surgeon Dr Shivani Sharma went back by close to 20 years when she herself passed out of Spring Dale College. The Principal madam, Ms R Khanna; teachers and students were so excited to have her trace back her roots. More reason to remember the message she came along with :)

Bobby Ramakant - CNS 

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