[podcast] Seventeen IIM Indore students call for sustainable development

This Podcast features the Sustainable Development e-Talks (#SDGtalks) co-hosted by CNS and Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Indore, on 30 June 2020 which featured special-seventeen keynote speakers, who shared their insights on range of issues related to sustainable development where no one is left behind!

keynote speakers
(all are students of IIM Indore)
  • Priya Sahu
  • Divyansh Prakash
  • Sartaj Singh
  • Abhay Singh
  • Anurag Ratan
  • Anjali Sunil
  • Kaustubh Jain
  • B Sai Sushma
  • Mihir Thakar
  • Parv Julania
  • Sunil Jamuda
  • Pranav Raghuraman
  • Suraj Patel
  • Ankit Kumar
  • Jeevan Joseph M
  • Shree Shantha Reddy K
  • Anjali Roy

They were in conversation with CNS Managing Editor and Executive Director Shobha Shukla, who is also the coordinator of Asia Pacific media network to end TB & tobacco, and prevent NCDs (APCAT Media).

For more information, be welcome to visit www.bit.ly/sdgtalks


CNS team