#endTB Dialogues: a series of interviews with leaders to ↑ progress towards ending TB

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#endTB Dialogues is a special CNS series, presenting insightful and thought-provoking interviews with leaders to accelerate progress towards ending tuberculosis (TB). Launched in 2019, this series underpins the URGENCY to step up the fight against the epidemic. In 2019, CNS did over 100 episodes of #endTB Dialogues.

This series is a knowledge sharing effort as only 72 months are left to end TB in India (and 132 months are left to end the pandemic globally).

This special series features conversations with those who have spent years in fighting the world's top infectious killer disease. Business as usual will fail us in meeting the #endTB target by 2030. New/fresh thinking is vital to reimagine every critical cog-in-the-wheel to end TB, as well as accelerate progress towards other SDGs.

#endTB Dialogues are:
  • LIVE streamed on Zoom (so that others may get a chance to watch/ listen & join the online conversation)
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To recognize contributions of those who are making a difference in the fight against TB, be welcome to nominate/ recommend leaders to CNS editorial team. Email CNS Managing Editor and Executive Director, Shobha Shukla, at shobha@citizen-news.org
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Join hands with us to document voices of leaders fighting TB in order to help #StepUpTheFight against the world's biggest infectious killer disease. If your organization is committed to #endTB agenda and wish to support this #EndTB Dialogues initiative, then be welcome to send in your organizational endorsement and be listed as a partner (email us your endorsement at editor@citizen-news.org).


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