[AIDS 2016] I am not good enough: Is that true?

[Click here to watch this session's recording] "Some say (internal) stigma, some say (self) stigma – either way let’s do more than talk about it." If you are attending XXI International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2016) do not miss out on attending a session with a difference.

[Click here to watch this session's recording]

The Work For Change and partners are co-hosting this special Press Conference Session in Speakers' Corner (inside) Media Center, AIDS 2016 on Thursday, 21st July, 1pm - 1:45pm. It has been developed by a group of HIV leaders – living with and affected by HIV – most of whom who have been prominent activists for over 20 years, are well respected in the field and who now represent an impressive myriad of significant organisations.

This session will shine a light on an extremely neglected, and yet critical issue for true empowerment of communities and for successful HIV programmes – self-stigma (internal stigma).  Although inherently connected to social stigma and discrimination, self-stigma needs to be understood and addressed in its own right.  From over 50 PLHIV Stigma Index reports in all regions of the world, almost all report high levels of self-stigma ranging from 20% to 75% manifesting in beliefs and feelings of shame, blame, fear and denial.  This issue is under-recognised, under-researched and imperfectly understood and yet, at the same time, plays an immensely powerful role in silencing us and keeping us fearful, ashamed and blocks us from testing, treatment, self-acceptance and support.

  • Masimba Nyamucheta, ZNNP+, Zimbabwe
  • Shaun Mellors, International HIV/AIDS Alliance
  • Cloudie Farikai, ZNNP+, Zimbabwe
  • Sophie Strachan, Positively UK
  • Benjamin Collins, ReShape
  • Jogendra Upadhyay, GAP India
  • (Moderator) Shobha Shukla, CNS
Film screening (7 minutes)

Co-hosted by: The Work for Change, International HIV/AIDS Alliance, Global Network of people living with HIV (GNP+), European AIDS Treatment Group (EATG), Trócaire, Zimbabwe National Network of People living with HIV (ZNNP+), IHP/ReShape, Connect, Positively UK, AIDS Society of India (ASI), Vote For Health, Center for Supporting Community Development Initiatives (SCDI) and CNS (Citizen News Service).

For more information or interviews, contact:
  • Shobha Shukla, CNS | Email: shobha@citizen-news.org
  • Durban mobile: (South Africa's ISD code: +27) 078-516-3406
[Click here to watch this session's recording]