[AIDS 2016] Can we afford to lose gains made in fight against HIV and TB? Integrated responses must to meet SDGs by 2030!

[Watch the recording of this session at AIDS 2016] A Press Conference session will be organized jointly by AIDS Society of India (ASI), CNS (Citizen News Service), Lilly MDR TB Partnership, Gujarat AIDS Prevention unit ISRCDE, ARUNA and partners around International TB Conference (TB 2016) and XXI International AIDS Conference 2016 (AIDS 2016).

At 2015 United Nations General Assembly, governments had committed to achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030, one of which is to end AIDS and TB by 2030. If people living with HIV continue to die of TB, we will fail to achieve SDGs and also lose gains made in fight against AIDS and TB both. Saving lives of TB is not just a public health imperative, it is also a social justice imperative!
Venue: Press Conference Room 2, (inside) Media Center, AIDS 2016 official conference venue

Time: 2pm - 2:45pm

Date: Sunday, 17th July 2016

Panel of experts: 

This session is jointly hosted by (in alphabetical order): AIDS Society of India (ASI), ARUNA, CNS (Citizen News Service), Gujarat AIDS Prevention unit (GAP) ISRCDE, Lilly MDR TB Partnership and Vote For Health campaign.

For further information, please contact:

Bobby Ramakant, CNS: Email: bobby@citizen-news.org | Skype: bobbyramakant