TambakooKills News Bulletin (18 May 2008): Issue 381

TambakooKills News Bulletin
Sunday, 18 May 2008
Issue 381

Tobacco, alcohol lobbies want to oust me: Ramadoss
Sify News, Chennai: 18 May 2008

Health Minister Anbumani Ramadoss on Saturday alleged that the tobacco and alcohol lobbies and those against the reservation policy were conspiring to oust him.

"The lobby is out to get at me," the Minister told mediapersons here.

"The alcohol, tobacco and anti-reservation lobby is trying to destabilise me and destabilise my party (the PMK, a UPA constituent from Tamil Nadu)," Ramadoss said.

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'Alcohol, smoking lobbies out to get me'
Times Now.TV, 18 May 2008

"Very powerful alcohol lobby, the tobacco lobby and the anti reservation lobby have joined together and are trying to destabilise me" said Dr Anbumani Ramadoss.

The minister who was in a combative mood said, that according to certain studies two-third of death in India is caused by smoking, drinking and junk food and that it was his responsibility to set things right.

Ramadoss's reaction came after the reclusive actor; Ajay Devgan questioned the health minister's move to censor creative freedom.

"There should not be a ban on smoking especially in a democracy, where everyone has a right to his opinion. If someone has to make a film on Churchill, how can it be done since he used to smoke cigars regularly? If smoking is banned in films, would you put lollypop in Churchill's mouth instead?" he [Ajay Devgan] said.

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India Liquor, Tobacco Firms Shift Tack
Wall Street Journal, USA: 17 May 2008

Tobacco and liquor companies are among India's largest advertisers, but for years, they've had to resort to some sleight of hand to market their products.

Because Indian law bans tobacco and liquor ads, the companies have relied on what are known as "surrogate advertisements." Instead of touting smokes and booze in their print and TV ads, they market unrelated, cheap-to-make products that they also happen to manufacture. Popular surrogate products have included CDs, playing cards and bottled water -- all, of course, carrying the same brand as the companies' cigarettes and beer or spirits.

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Godfrey Phillips test-marketing India's first clove cigarette
The Economic Times, India: 17 May 2008

Tobacco is unhealthy. No rocket science that. But what if the cigarette is filled with healthy clove a la the imported Gudang Garams from Indonesia that vend across the country. Godfrey Phillips India (GPI), the Rs 1,593-crore tobacco major, seems to have taken a cue and is test-marketing India's first clove cigarette, Cluv Spice, across geographies.

"Globally, and specifically in Indonesia, there is a growing demand for cigarettes based on addition of processed natural clove. In India, across categories, clove is linked to oral hygiene and is perceived to have mouth freshening qualities," claims a company spokesperson.

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Laws prohibiting child labour and protecting bidi workers should be implemented
Central Chronicle, 17 May 2008

Policy interventions needed urgently are as follows:

- Increase in taxes on bidis as it benefits the poor, prompting them to quit, thus saving lives and money, besides bringing revenue to the Government for welfare and public health measures.

- The distinction in taxes on hand-made and machine made bidis needs to be eradicated as such a policy only promotes tax evasion.

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