TB News Summary: 19 May 2008: Issue 47

TB News Summary
Monday, 19 May 2008
Issue 47

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Better to build a fence at the cliff's edge than a hospital at the bottom

Must read article written by a clinician who was instrumental in convincing US government to close TB sanitoriums in 1970s. Now he reflects back, pondering over the enormous challenges posed by drug-resistant TB... Read source article...

Carbon monoxide (CO) in tobacco smoke, etc triggers tuberculosis

Carbon monoxide present in tobacco smoke, automobile emissions, etc triggers tuberculosis...

"This is the first description of a role for CO in mycobacterial pathogenesis, and may explain why smoking and air pollution contributes to TB," said Adrie Steyn, assistant professor in University of Alabama's Department of Microbiology and lead author on the study. Read source article...

Smoking is big risk factor for TB in Pakistan

The correlation between tobacco use and tuberculosis has never been more talked about - with TB becoming the single largest cause of death attributed to tobacco use in India and Pakistan (not cancer).