Parliamentarians extend support to the students fasting against Indo-US Nuclear deal

Parliamentarians extend support to the students fasting against Indo-US Nuclear deal

Students Against Nuclear Power (SANP) are on the 6th day of the indefinite hunger strike (since 10 March 2008).

The students are demanding that the Government of India must not sign the Indo-US Nuclear deal, because of the harmful effects it bears not only for the present generation, but also for the future generations.

People from different walks have already declared support to the struggle by the students and are visiting the struggle at Jantar Mantar. The following Members of Parliament visited the struggle and expressed their solidarity and agreed to raise the issue with the Prime Minster and President of India:

- Panyan Raveendran

- P Karunakaran
- CK Chandrappan
- PP Koya (Lakhshdweep)
- PC Thomas

Various students from Delhi colleges including Delhi University, Jawaharlal University, Jamia Milia University, and others visited the struggle and declared solidarity.

These students who are in Delhi from Kozhikode district of Kerala are on the indefinite hunger strike against the Indo-US Nuclear Deal and India opting for Nuclear Power.

Those on fast are braving hunger, unfamiliar territory, hostile climatic conditions and neglect from the local police and government/s. The students on indefinite fast include: Saji Mathew, Ramzia Rehmat, Abdu Rahman, Divya K and Tommy Jacob. The others who are here with them are: Shobhraj TP, Sabina M, Kripa Varrier, Nirmal P C, Subeesh T, Jiji E, Aswathy TP and Ranjit K.

Several people including Magsaysay Awardee (2002) Dr Sandeep Pandey, Narmada Bachao Andolan's leader Medha Patkar, Bhupendra Rawat, Gabriela, Celia and several other leaders of people's movements also participated in this fast and declared support.

Sangharsh 2007, National Alliance of People's Movements (NAPM), Delhi Solidarity Group, Asha parivar, Indian Social Action Forum (INSAF), etc have declared support to the students' struggle.

Shobhraj PK
On Behalf of SANP
Kozhikode, Kerala
Camp: Jantar Mantar, New Delhi
Contacts: 09990166975 / 9868019509 /