National level meeting on total withdrawal of Coca-Cola in Plachimada

National level meeting on total withdrawal of Coca-Cola in Plachimada
Kerala, India
22 April 2008

'We demand total withdrawal of Coca-Cola from Plachimada'

Dear friends,

The historic struggle of the adivasis and peasants of Plachimada against the multinational soft drink giant Coca-cola is entering into its 7th year on 22 April 2008.

The struggle is now facing a very serious challenge that, as contrary to the expectations, the ruling LDF Government in Kerala is doing nothing to take punitive actions against the polluter company though mounting evidences are available with them regarding hazardous chemical waste dumping, ground water pollution, excess water depletion and serious violations of law by the company.

An expert team of the Kerala Ground water department submitted a study report to the government in which they revealed that pollutants like Cadmium and lead are spreading to other places through under ground water flow channels. Instead of taking legal actions on this the ground water authority (one which constituted by the government by nomination) tried to nullify the report and foreclose further actions and studies by conducting an urgent one hour visit to Plachimada. The two member (non-expert) team submitted some recommendations-'made only for coca-cola'.

The state pollution control board also is sleeping on the show cause notice given by them to Coca-cola, though the company had responded to that without any delay.

All these developments are pointing to the fact that justice to the people of Plachimada will be delayed, further even though it is a left front government in power in the state.

In these circumstances the people of Plachimada have no other way but to intensify the agitation.

The Plachimada anti-coca-cola struggle committee has decided to strengthen the agitation by drawing more support from all the people's movements doing similar struggles across the country.

On 22 April 2008 a national level meeting will be conducted at Plachimada to decide and declare the future agitation plans.

We request you to participate in this programme with your co-workers and friends.

With regards

Vilayodi Venugopalan Chairman
Plachimada Anti Coca-cola Struggle Committee
Kannimari PO
Palakkadakil, Kerala (India)
Tel: (+91) 9946373474

NP Johnson Chairman
Plachimada Struugle Solidarity Committee
Tel: (+91) 9447019546