Thanks to all CNS partners for trusting us in 2023

Faith can move mountains. Thanks to all partners and supporters who helped us do what we dare to do best. We look forward to continued solidarity and support in 2024 and beyond.
  • UN Women Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific
  • World Health Organization (WHO) Geneva HQ
  • Population Reference Bureau (PRB)
  • aidsmap, UK
  • ESCR Net (International Network for Economic, Social and Cultural Rights)
  • Corporate Accountability
  • Women Deliver
  • Society for AIDS in Africa (SAA) and 22nd International Conference on AIDS and STIs in Africa (ICASA)
  • National Conference of TB Association of India (NATCON 2023)
  • Asia Pacific Cities Alliance for Health and Development (APCAT)
  • Molbio Diagnostics
  • People's Health Organisation (PHO)
  • AIDS Society of India (ASI) and 2023 ASICON
  • TB People (India)
  • TB People (Zimbabwe)
  • Journalists Against TB (JATB)
  • Inis Communication, UK and Thailand
  • Asia Pacific Media Alliance for Health and Development (APCAT Media)
  • Global AMR Media Alliance (GAMA)