[podcast] Women migrant workers: Heroes of remittance or survivors of violence?

This episode of Gender Equality Talks Podcast Series, puts spotlight on issues faced by women migrant workers in Asia. Three feminist journalists-editors from India, Indonesia and Nepal, share their insights: Rita Widiadana, former Editor of The Jakarta Post (Indonesia); Kalpana Acharya, Editor-in-Chief of Health TV Online (Nepal) and former President of Health Journalists Forum Nepal; and Shobha Shukla, founder Managing Editor of CNS.

The “feminisation” of migration is most visible in Asia, where women constitute over 50% of all migrant workers. It is mostly poverty, and regressive societal norms in their home country that push 5 million women in South East Asia to migrate to other countries in search of a life that gives them economic independence to be able to carve a better future for their family back home. But their dreams can go terribly wrong at times. Despite making strong societal and economic contributions (to countries of origin and destination), their journey of migration is beset with serious human rights violations, including the risk of physical and sexual violence, harassment and abuse.

The least that countries can do is to make migration safe and fair for female migrant workers through enforcement of labour laws that protect labour and other human rights of workers.

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