Workshop: No excuse for inaction on health security if we are to deliver on development justice in Asia Pacific

Join us on Sunday, 21st March 2021 (3pm Bangkok/Jakarta/Laos/Vietnam time, find your local time here) in a two-hours workshop on "No excuse for inaction on health security if we are to deliver on development justice in Asia Pacific." Co-hosted by CNS and partners, as part of Asia Pacific People's Forum for Sustainable Development, this workshop will elaborate on why inequalities and injustices that were existing before the pandemic too has failed us to prevent non-communicable diseases and communicable diseases. Failure to prevent every new case of infectious diseases like TB and Covid-19 is defeating us on SDGs. This workshop will also aim to connect the dots between corporate capture and right to health, as well as broader sustainable development.

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Welcome and introduction
Shobha Shukla
founder Executive Director, CNS and coordinator, APCAT Media

Overview of goals for Asia Pacific and where-we-are on preventing NCDs, ending TB, Covid-19 (and cascading humanitarian crises)
Prof Rishi Sethi

Health justice is rooted in development justice: Touch one Touch All
(learn more on development justice, and how health justice is part of it, as well as about financialisation of care (i.e. private equity firms moving in to aged care and disability care) and also on Big Pharma and their role in setting trade rules that stop universal access to critical medicines, vaccines and treatments.)
Kate Lappin
Regional Secretary of Public Services International for Asia and Pacific

Why feminist response to health justice is vital
Shobha Shukla, CNS

Corporate accountability: Big Tobacco, Big Food, Big Alcohol - a major threat to SDGs
Bobby Ramakant, CNS/ Asha Parivar/ Socialist Party (India)

Local actions for global goals: experiences from few cities or subnational areas in preventing industry interference, NCDs, TB and tobacco control, fighting Big Tobacco or other industries to advance health and justice

Barrister Shameem Haider Patwary
Barrister at law, Member of Parliament in Bangladesh, and part of APCAT Parliamentarians

Dr Tara Singh Bam
Asia Pacific Cities Alliance for Health and Development (APCAT) and Director for Asia Pacific, International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease

Successes, challenges in ensuring Health For All in Asia Pacific

  • Abia Akram, National Forum of Women with Disabilities, Pakistan
  • Kay Thi Win, Asia Pacific Network of Sex Workers (APNSW)
  • Roshan John Joseph, MSF Access Campaign
  • Aditya Bondyopadhyay lawyer and human rights activist
  • Krishna Gautam, Ageing Nepal
  • Dr Pooja Ramakant, India
  • Kalpana Acharya, Nepal
  • Tin Maung Htwe, Myanmar
  • Nurul Islam Hasib, Bangladesh
  • Padamraj Joshi, Nepal

watch the recording (YouTube, Facebook)


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