Workshop: The Power of the 99% to Stop Corporate Capture

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Join us on Friday, 19th March 2021 (3pm Bangkok/Jakarta/Laos/Vietnam time, find your local time here) in a two-hours workshop on The Power of the 99% to Stop Corporate Capture. Co-hosted by ESCR Net, ALTSEAN Burma and CNS as part of Asia Pacific People's Forum for Sustainable Development, this workshop will elaborate on different manifestations of Corporate Capture and experiences of people's movements in Asia Pacific to combat corporate capture in order to advance development justice. This workshop will also focus on the link between corporate capture, religious fundamentalism, militarisation and patriarchy.

Corporate capture refers to the means by which an economic elite undermine the realization of human rights and the environment by exerting undue influence over domestic and international decision-makers and public institutions.

A comic launched on Corporate Capture by ESCR Net and animation video will also be used along with other reference materials/ documents (animation video is in English and Hindi).

watch the recording (YouTube, Facebook)

Welcome and introduction
Shobha Shukla, CNS

facilitator/ moderator
Debbie Stothard, ALTSEAN Burma


Introducing and screening of animation video on corporate capture; and comic on "The Power of the 99% to Stop Corporate Capture"
Mona Sabella, ESCR Net


Manifestations of corporate capture with 2 case studies from Asia Pacific region

  • Manifestations
    • Bobby Ramakant, CNS/ Asha Parivar/ Socialist Party (India)
Connecting the dots: corporate capture, religious fundamentalism, militarisation and patriarchy
  • Teesta Setalvad, Citizens for Justice and Peace
  • Shobha Shukla, CNS/ Asha Parivar


Discussion on experiences of participants in 1) identifying and 2) combating corporate capture in their work/ country/ subregions/ regions

What can we do?
Mona Sabella, ESCR Net

watch the recording (YouTube, Facebook)