[Podcast in Spanish] Why WHO FCTC Articles 5.3 and 19 are so centrally important to implementation of global tobacco treaty

FCTC Art.19 expert Daniel Dorado,
Corporate Accountability International

Daniel Dorado a senior technical expert on WHO FCTC Article 19 delivering his intervention at the seventh Conference of the Parties to the World Health Organization (7th COP to WHO FCTC) in India: 7th November 2016. Click here to listen or download this podcast in Spanish.

Daniel is part of the Corporate Accountability International team onsite.  He spoke in Spanish. He hails from Columbia and lives in Ecuador. His work is also a living tribute to the invaluable legacy he holds close to his heart: he is the son of tireless human rights crusader and tobacco control leader Yul Francisco Dorado from Columbia. Yul was Latin America Director of Corporate Accountability International.