Growing demand for independent inquiry into Kakrapar nuclear plant leak

CNS image library (not of Kakrapar)
Ramon Magsaysay Awardee and former faculty of IIT-BHU and IIT-Kanpur Dr Sandeep Pandey demanded an independent inquiry into Kakrapar nuclear plant leak in Gujarat.  According to the news, "a rupture in the coolant system of one of the nuclear reactors at Kakrapar, Gujarat, on Friday morning forced the authorities to indefinitely shut down the plant."

Krishna Kant, another activist in Gujarat said: "As Atomic Energy Regulatory Board comes under the Department of Atomic Energy of Government of India, we demand an independent inquiry to be done by independent national and/or International experts."

Dr Sandeep Pandey, who is also the national Vice President of Socialist Party (India) - green party of the country - added: "Earlier this week it was exposed that even after 30 years of Chernobyl nuclear disaster, local people were exposed to nuclear radiation as they were consuming contaminated food, water and wood which they used to keep themselves warm. Also earlier this month it was revealed that it was Japanese tax-paying citizens who footed most of the bill of over US$ 100 billion for Fukushima disaster, and not the corporation Tokyo Electric. Nuclear power whether used for energy generation or for military use is an extremely dangerous option for human kind. There is no safe way to dispose nuclear waste."

CNS (Citizen News Service)
12 March 2016