'Not building super-highways, but reactivating non-functional rail-links is priority'

Reactivating rail-link which is lying non-functional since several years is a bigger priority for local people than building major super highways in Bihpur, said Gautam Kumar Pritam, Socialist Party (India)'s candidate from Bihpur Vidhan Sabha (Bihar). He questions the kind of development model governments are pursuing where priorities of majority of the rural poor hardly ever get due attention, but priorities of the rich and mighty, override!

32 years Gautam who hails from Bhagalpur, appeals to the citizens to vote against those who are using planks of religion, caste or creed or flexing their money and muscle power. He believes people should exercise their vote on issues that matter to their own development and welfare.

Cleaning politics is important so that benefits of pro-poor welfare policies can reach the right eligible people. For example, benefit of reservations go to right deserving candidates instead of children of the rich and privileged.

Gautam Kumar Pritam has been deeply involved with local struggles for development justice. For instance, he is majorly involved with the issue around construction of the National Highway 106 in Bihpur over Ganga river - he believes it is more important to reactivate the railway link in Bihpur that is lying non-functional since several years instead of the highways for mighty and rich. Similarly Bihpur has both rivers: Ganga and Kosi, and large number of local citizens who got displaced when their villages got submerged have not yet received any rehabilitation. Gautam champions such causes and believes one day people centric model of development will become a reality in Bihpur and beyond.

Gautam has also been involved with other issues such as education, farmers' movement, Irom Sharmila's campaign for repealing Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA), among others. Apart from being a very active social activist he has also been a national level Volleyball player and has trained over 10,000 young people in sports like Kabbadi.

Battery torch is the election symbol of Socialist Party (India)'s Gautam Kumar Pritam who is contesting Vidhan Sabha elections from Bihpur constituency in Bihar. Gautam is also the national secretary of Socialist Yuvjan Sabha, youth wing of Socialist Party (India).

Citizen News Service - CNS
8 October 2015