Socialist Party (India) demands ending imports from China

In wake of Chinese intrusion into 19kms of Indian territory, the Socialist Party demands that the Government of India must stop all imports of Chinese goods into India. Banares Sarees, Holi 'pichkaaris, woolen clothes, religious statues, various kind of electronic goods, etc are some examples where our markets are flooded with Chinese products. We do not support direct military action at this stage and believe that the dispute should be resolved through bilateral negotiations. But we do support and demand policies which should protect our local markets of small and middle scale industries and local craft artisans across the country. Such a decision will strengthen our economic power. Banning imports from China and promoting domestically produced products will give double boost to our economy and put more pressure on China to respect international borders including India’s.

However, Socialist Party firmly stands for the Indian land occupied by China in the war of 1962. Further, we also support independence of Tibet as desired by the late socialist stalwart Dr Ram Manohar Lohia.

Socialist Party (India) had earlier made a demand that India must not rush into signing Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) and other bi- and multi- lateral trade agreements that would jeopardize access to essential and affordable medicines, seeds and adversely impact other sectors of small and medium scale enterprises.

The Socialist Party believes in sustainability at local level as envisaged by Mahatma Gandhi's Gram Swarajya model. Opening markets internationally is not providing equal level playing field to domestic players. We have seen how big industries (whether domestic or multinational) are given over due benefits and promotions to help protect their markets and domestic players are dealt with heavy hands making it all the more difficult for them to survive.

In present context, it is in our interest to stop patronizing Chinese products and strengthen domestic production and markets.

Above mentioned statements were given by statement Dr. Sandeep Pandey (Vice President), Dr. Prem Singh (Spokesperson), Omkar Singh (General Secretary), Girish Pandey (President, UP) Socialist Party India.

Citizen News Service-CNS