Medha Patkar continues her hunger strike on 3rd consecutive day

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Slum dwellers continue to join relay fast from across Mumbai
Till the Golibar residents are not provided justice, till the governments does not take strong action  against the land scam by Shivalik Ventures linked to 2G scam and does not permanently stop demolition at Golibar the hunger strike by Medha Patkar which has entered third consecutive day today will continue  at Golibar, Khar (East), Mumbai. The UPA Government which has promised to fight corruption must take action against corruption at the ground level which has happen right here in Mumbai under its nose.

Key issues:
- The government  inaction on Shivalik  Ventures land scam is shameful

- Golibar residents demand justice against police atrocities and violation of their Right to Housing and livelihood.

- 3K clause of  SRA should be cancelled along with all the project which come under 3k too should be cancelled

The residents are Golibar are determined to keep continue their agitation till their demands are met.

Mayank Gandhi from India against Corruption and Simantini Dhuru form Right to Education Campaign, Arundhati Dhuru, NAPM Uttar Pradesh, Kavita Srivastava, PUCL Rajasthan, Anuradha Talwar, Pashchim Bang Khet Majdoor Union, visited Golibar today to extend full support and solidarity to the residents of Golibar and Medha Patkar and strongly condemned the atrocities meted out by police, inhuman demolition and violation human rights by the State.
Supports and solidarity massages are pouring in from various quarters from all over India. Many eminent people like Kuldeep Nair, Anand Patwardhan, Justice Rajendra Sachar, Aruna Roy, Sandeep Pandey, Prashant Bhusan, Xavier Dais, Ashok Chaudhari and many others have strongly condemned the inhuman and brutal action on the residents of Golibar and have called upon the government to immediately initiate action against the dubious role played by the Shivalik ventures

Meanwhile, a letter to the Chief Minister of Maharashtra from 30 organizations and many eminent people has been already sent requesting him to immediately intervene in the matter.

The demands which were made months back on April 5th 2011 before the Chief Minister of Maharashtra are:

- Rajiv Awas Yojana should be implemented in the slums of Mumbai, particularly those where slums dwellers are coming forward and demanding for the implementation of the same.

- 3K clause of Maharashtra slum Area Act should be scraped. Exercising3K clause government has gifted more than 500 acre of slum land to 6 Developers in last 2 years. Residents of Golibar have exposed the scam of 3K and have paid the heavy price for the same but now without delay it should be cancelled.

- Slum Rehabilitation Scheme, which has resulted in land grab by builders and dis-housing of slum dwellers should be revised and instead pro-people self development schemes be supported and facilitated by the State.

- The PDS system should be universalized and there should be stringent provision to stop malpractices in the PDS system.

- Basic services like water and sanitation should  be provided to all slum dweller without any cutoff date  as human rights  have no cutoff date

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