Flashback: CNS Stop-TB Initiative in 2010

As we move towards the end of 2010, we would like to take this opportunity to wish you all Seasons Greetings and a happy, healthy and peaceful new year in 2011. We at CNS Stop-TB Initiative will like to thank our thousands of visitors for their support and participation on a range of issues around tuberculosis (TB) control and TB-HIV co-infection. Read more

The Stop-TB eForum in 2010
The Stop-TB eForum was established by the Health and Development Networks (HDN) in early 2001 in lead up to the first Stop TB Partners' Forum to facilitate online information exchange and dialogue on a range of TB-related issues on a daily basis.

In 2010, a memorandum of understanding between the Stop TB Partnership, the International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease (The Union) and the International HIV/AIDS Alliance was signed to continue supporting the Stop-TB eForum over coming years. We thank the Stop-TB members for speaking their world through the platform.

ISSUES in 2010 on Stop-TB eForum
Reflecting back on the year, we are pleased to remind you of a few issues and topics that struck a particular cord with members, generating lively dialogue. Some of these issues include:

- TB in mobile populations
- Jailing ('confining') of TB patients
- The Global Plan to Stop TB 2011-2015
- TB care and control in civil/ political unrest
- TB care and control in natural calamities
- Infection control in healthcare settings
- TB in children
- TB in people using injecting drugs
- TB/HIV collaborative activities in different countries
- Drug-resistant TB - both multi-drug resistant TB (MDR-TB) and extensively drug-resistant TB (XDR-TB)
- Role of affected communities in driving the responses to TB/HIV
- TB and poverty
- Issues around research for new and better TB diagnostics, drugs and vaccines
- TB related stigma
- Tuberculosis and tobacco use
- Tuberculosis and diabetes co-morbidity
- Hepatitis C, TB, HIV and injecting drug-use in prisons
- TB-HIV co-infection
- Adherence to anti-TB treatment
- Isoniazid preventive therapy (IPT)
- Lung health
- Year of the lungs (2010)

ON-SITE ISSUE-BASED COVERAGE of TB conferences in 2010:
With support from the community writers of Citizen News Service (CNS) CNS provided on-site coverage from a range of events related to TB in 2010.

1. 41st Union World Conference on Lung Health, Berlin, Germany
FIFTY FIVE (55) CNS articles are online at: http://www.citizen-news.org/search/label/Berlin%202010  

2. Consultative workshop of TB and poverty sub-working group of Stop TB Partnership  (29-30 October 2010)

3. Open Forum 4: on key issues in TB drug development, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (18-19 August 2010)

4. XVIII International AIDS Conference, Austria (July 2010)

5. "Research and development of new TB vaccines" Symposium, Zaragoza, Spain (3-4 June 2010)

6. 2nd Global Forum on TB Vaccines, Tallinn, Estonia (21-24 September 2010)

7. International Symposium on Tuberculosis Diagnostics (ITBS 2010) - 16-17 December 2010

The Stop-TB eForum archives are available online at: www.HealthDev.org/stop-tb

HealthDev.net continues to host online consultation 24 hours/ 365 days a year and be welcome to speak-your-world on www.HealthDev.net  

Winter break
The Stop-TB eForum will be closing today for the winter-break and resume postings on Monday, 3rd January 2011.

A joy-filled Christmas and happy New Year!

CNS Stop-TB Initiative
Email: stoptb@citizen-news.org