Support the doctor of the adivasis

Christmas wasn't merry...
2011 will be unhappy
until Dr. Binayak Sen is free!
Some of us were fortunate to spend a few hours with this soft spoken civil liberties activist sometime back. His humility was touching and inspiring. It is extremely painful that an insecure state has imprisoned him again on irrational grounds. We hope that this humane spirit will return to remote parts of rural Chattisgarh to continue working for the benefit of some of the most excluded Indians through his organization, Rupantar, soon. Read more

Please express your solidarity with the campaign to release him in one or more of the ways below:

a. Signing the petition to the President of India: "Indian Justice Has Failed Dr Binayak Sen"

b. Following the posts on:

Free Binayak Sen Campaign
Twitter - @binayaksen

c. Joining or organizing protests (online and/or offline) against the ludicrous judgement and unnecessary life sentence

d. Blogging (text or audio/visual), talking, texting, tweeting, writing (poems, opinions, comments), spreading awareness in support of the critical action to secure Dr. Sen's freedom

e. Any other manner - please share your relevant word(s) and deed(s) via Facebook and Twitter

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