Piles to Smiles

More than 50% population suffers from piles (or haemorrhoids) despite of the reality that effective prevention and treatment options are available. I am reminded of my sojourn through solitude in Dublin, Ireland, where I went to receive the honorary FRCS from Royal College of Surgeons Ireland. I was spending my time in Ireland in revising treatment policies in Piles when I went through memorable quote "Had it not been due to painful thrombosed piles, Napoleon would have not lost the War." Read more

I realized the true significance of this very common problem, which people hide till it becomes serious or they have already surrendered to some quackery and land up in serious complications. I focussed my attention and started performing Operations on Piles under triple block local anaesthesia and started gaining popularity. During over 35 years I have seen ghastly complications created by wrong and unqualified interventions on one hand the serious mortal scare on faces of my patients on the other.

Then I got the answer for humanity. I learned the technique of Infra red photo coagulation and later Doppler guided Haemorrhoidal arterial Ligation (DGHAL) and Recto Anal Repair (RAR) from world leader in Piles suregery - Professor Langmyer in Vienna, Austria. This is amazing, it is almost painless, done under local anaesthesia, needs hardly any hospitalization, is a day care procedure and has least complications and recurrence. This is not an operative procedure and is an endoscopic procedure suitable for all grades of Piles. Today after operating more than 500 cases of piles by DGHAL/ RAR, the treatment success rate and the way it reduces human suffering due to piles, is indeed a landmark.

I also realized that there are innumerable myths, fears and misunderstandings about piles and its treatment. People surrender to quakes because they cheat and claim cures without surgery. We were motivated to write a book in simple English, Hindi and also Urdu, so that our people may be treated safely and painlessly by the latest technique in world (the book Piles to Smiles was released in March 2010). The purpose of this book is to remove the myths regarding the causative factors and management of piles and to enhance awareness among patients and treating physicians about new modalities of treatment.

So now don’t be tense and SMILE WITH PILES, as treatment options like DGHAL and RAR are possible, and a reality in Lucknow since years now.

Prof (Dr) Rama Kant
(The author is the Managing Director of Piles to Smiles Clinics at C-block crossing, Indira Nagar and SIPS Hospital Chowk, and a former Head, Surgery Dept, CSMMU. He was the first Surgeon to be conferred upon the World Health Organization (WHO) Director-General’s Award (2005) and then also was conferred upon honorary FRCS by the Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland. Email: ramakant@ramakant.org, website: www.ramakant.org)