INVITE: National youth Convention on Right to Information and Democracy


National Youth Convention on Right to Information and Democracy
11-12 January 2008
Beawar, Rajasthan, India

National Campaign for People's Right to Information (NCPRI), with Joint Operation for Social Help (JOSH) and other local organizations would like to invite you to participate in a National Youth Convention on Right to Information and Democracy, to be held in Beawar, Rajasthan on the 11th and 12th of January 2008.

The Convention will draw upon JOSH's experience in working with the urban poor and middle class youth on issues of transparency and accountability.

The purpose of this convention is to emphasis the importance of youth participation and prepare a road map for their contribution to the Right to Information movement.

Through this convention, we wish to bring together youth from across the State and from some parts of the country, across class, caste and socio-economic backgrounds by providing a platform for dialogue amongst themselves. This will we hope also help network with other like-minded youth groups and individuals.

We realize the strong role of youth in our country in bringing about positive change in different walks of life. We therefore aim to encourage and celebrate their youthful energy by making available space and providing a platform to discuss and debate matters on the links between RTI and democratic action. The Convention will provide avenues for different forms of expression and modes of participation.

Since this Convention will be organized by a campaign with limited funds, we will request all participants of the Convention to bear their own costs for travel to Beawar. A registration fee of Rs. 50 will also be charged from each participant to help contribute towards basic food and accommodation costs.

This is a letter to inform you about the Convention, and we hope you will block these dates, and make travel arrangements. A more detailed letter along with the agenda and program will follow soon. We also request you to try and reach the venue by 10th Jan evening so that we can start the proceeding of the Convention on time on 11th January 2008.

For further information please contact:

Aheli Chowdhury 09811765959
Saurabh Sharma 09811 872752
Suchi Pande 09811333041
Bhanwar Megwanshi 09352110451
MKSSS 09929519361
via email at: or or

Shailesh Gandhi
Convener, NCPRI

Suchi Pande
Secretary, NCPRI

Saurabh Sharma

Aheli Chowdhury

Route to Beawar:


From Delhi- Haridwar Mail 9105 starts in Ahemdabad via Delhi to Beawar

From Mumbai- Ajmer Express 2989/9679 from Mumbai Central to Beawar

The other option is:

From Delhi - Ajmer- Ashram Express 2916 - starts in Delhi to Ajmer

By road-

Take a bus at Bikaner House

Delhi - Jaipur- Beawar - Bus to Jaipur and then a bus from Jaipur to Beawar the distance from Jaipur to Beawar is 117 kms.

Take a train from Delhi to Ajmer and then a bus from Ajmer- Beawar - distance is 50 kms