Call for Jattha - from Nandigraam to Narmada to Gorai - Linking people and struggles

Call for Jattha

From Nandigram to Narmada to Gorai :

Linking People & Struggles

The Nandigram struggle has created history. The adverse impact of imperialist globalization and the primacy of capital and market on India's polity is clearly visible not only in Nandigram struggle but also from the struggle by farmers, workers, Dalits, Adivasis across the country. The illusory development slogans churned out by this process facilitates assault not only on our natural resources and cultural heritage but also destroys the ethos of equity, simplicity, democracy and sovereignty.

Women, farmers, workers are engaged in major struggles to protect their lands, livelihoods, water resources and lifestyles all over the country. The struggles sprung up all over the country to fight for sustainable development, for employment-generating village-industries , self-reliant agriculture and decentralised democratic development-planning alternatives. But the arrogant and indifferent governments are hell bent on crushing this people-centric development by approving over 600 SEZs across the country. Innumerable SEZs are devouring not only pristine agriculture, natural wealth but are also destroying people's lives and livelihoods without providing any rehabilitation.

We have been left with no choice but to challenge the whole process of globalization resulting in suicides of farmers (over one lakh now) which in no way could be called suicides-in fact they are being murdered in the name of developmental economic fundamentalism, by all those who are forgetting their socialist commitments and the sanctity of the Indian Constitution. The present mainstream political parties are not ready to admit the above, since the majority of the mainstream political party leaders have compromised with imperialism, capitalism and western consumerist ideology.

Democratic socialism, sustainable development with people's participation in decision making are our fundamental commitments, which we all want to uphold. People are questioning and seeking solutions, as they very well know that they can survive only when they are able to save human relationships, sustainable environment, democracy and socialism .

Under such circumstances, we need to relate& link not only with different struggles and organizations seeking solutions not only in India but also beyond.

We have received a fresh lease of inspiration from struggles in Nandigram, Maharashtra, Goa and Orissa etc..

Keeping this in mind, the Comrades of NAPM and Action- 2007, Nandigram, Jangal Bachao Andolan, Samajwadi Jan Parishad, are to march through various states, where they will join the local struggles.

We seek co-operation of one and all who could join in this Jattha. This is the way to take a break through from the present injustice and create the positive polity for a wider collaboration of all concerned.

Nandigram , which has now achieved the status not only of the protest against the economic domination and state repression, but a symbol of martyrdom, will be the starting point of our Jattha to start on 26th Jan 2008 and will pass through Jharkhand, Chattisgarh , Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and will conclude on 4th February 2008 in Gorai, Mumbai .

People and people's representatives who are struggling against commercilisation, globalization, fundamentalism, communalism will join this Jattha.

A detailed schedule is enclosed alongwith to give you an idea of the route.

We request many of you all to join the Jattha from Nandigram itself during the launch of the yatra. Please confirm your arrival to Nandigram soon . Please reach Kolkatta by 25th Jan 2008 late evening or 26th Morning .

Venue : will be shortly intimated

Contact: Saktiman Ghosh- 033-22196688, Sudipto 09433972662 for Logistics

Sincerely Yours,

  • Krishi Jami Raksha Committee
  • Bhumi Ucched Pratirodh Committee
  • ACTION 2007
  • National Hawkers Federation
  • Narmada Bachao Andolan
  • National Alliance of People's Movements
  • National Fish Workers Forum
  • Samajwadi Jan Parishad, Madhya Pradesh
  • Ekvira Jamin Bachao Sangharsh Samiti , Lonavala , Maharashtra
  • Tata Dhran Grasth Sangharsh Samiti, Lonavala , Maharashtra
  • Dharavi, Peth Bachao Samiti , Gorai, Mumbai
  • Jharkhand Krantikari Majdoor Union, Bokaro
  • Jangal Bachao Andolan, Jharkhand
  • Nagri Haq Surasha Samiti, Pimpari Chinchawat, Maharashtra
  • Ulgulan Manch , Jharkhand

Mukta Srivastava
National Alliance of People's Movements



From Nadigram to Narmda to Gorai: Linking People & Struggles

26th Jan 2008

Yatra launch from Nandigram

Programme at Nandigram

Debjit, Sawapan Da , Saktiman Ghosh

By road

26th Jan 2008

Start form


Reach Singur

Stay over night

in Singur

27th January

Programme at Singur

In the morning

Leave for purulia in the afternoon

Reach Purulia

Programme at purulia in the evening

Start for Bokaro in the night

Anuradh Talwar

28th January


Reach bokaro in the morning

A full day programme at Bokaro

Stay over night in Bokaro

DC Gohain , Vishwanath Bagi

29th January

Start for Ranchi Early morning

Reach Ranchi late morning

A day prgramme in Ranchi

Go to Jamshedpur (90 km) by road and take a train for Raigarh

2810 HWH MUMBAI MAIL at 23.45

Sanjay Basu Malik

and Ghanshyam

30 January

Reach Raigarh at 4.59 in the morning

Programme at Raigarh

One can also take a train from Raigarh at 16.50 and reach Bilaspur at 20.15 ( train no- 3275)

Take a train from Bilaspur at 22.20 to Satana at by


Gautam and others

By Train

31st January

Reach Satna at 6.15 and start for Rewa (50 Km) by road

Programme at in Rewa

Take a train from Satna at 23.15 to Khandawa by


Sunil Bhai and Subrat

By road / train

1st February

Reach Khandawa at 9.45 and start for Badwani from Khndawa

Reach Badwani

Meeting at Badwani and stay over night

Stay over Night

Medha Patkar

2nd February

reach Narmada Valley

Programme at Narmada Valley

Leave for Pune in the night

Medha Patkar and others

3rd February

Reach Pune in the morning

Programme at Pimpari , Chinchawat Pune

Leave for Gorai and stay overnight at Gorai

Maruti Bhapkar , Palekar ji and Prasad Bagve

By Road

4th February

Programme at Gorai

The Yatra Concludes

Chandrashekhar and Ulka mahajan