NANDIGRAM burns again

NANDIGRAM burns again
Jashodhara Dasgupta

Dear friends,

Please see below the brief update provided by a senior activist of Trinamool Congress - Dr Kakoli Ghose Dastidar about the latest attacks on 6 November in Nandigram.

This attack seems to be for a DOW project. I did check some news websites and it seems there is a media blackout at least by CNN-IBN and Indian Express.

I only got a critical view from The Tribune published on 28 October 2007 which mentioned West Bengal Chief Minister Buddhadeb meeting the US Finance Secretary about further investment in West Bengal.

What is to be done? Who will investigate the rapes and killings?

In a quandary,
Jashodhara Dasgupta

Dr Kakoli Ghose Dastidar

Dateline: Kolkata

Location: Nandigram Block, East Midnapore, West Bengal, India

Unarmed, poor peasants were in peaceful agitation and democratic agricultural movement to establish rights over ancestral farmland. Since past two weeks a massive armed movement have been initiated against them and this infraction has escalated to new heights since yesterday when the farmers and their family members are being killed, maimed, raped, their houses torched, dead bodies thrown in the river Haldi, bodies burned to obliterate identity and existence. The entire process is motivated to grab their land in the name of establishing industry.

This is being done by the ruling government of CPI(M) with the help of police and administration armed with ammunition from state armory. Almost 25,000 people are affected – their houses burnt. Most of them have fled the area to preserve their lives. 35 people have been killed from morning till 10 p.m. at night, November 6, 2007.

Around 100,000 unarmed citizens are forming a human chain to prevent the armed people from getting into their villages. The armed assailants include have mercenaries, hired criminals, pirates from neighboring water areas.

The land is being acquired in order to make a chemical hub for Dow Chemicals. The farmers’ only demand is that their farming community be left out of the chemical project so that they do not lose their livelihood.

All political opposition has been squashed and media silenced through strict restrictions and/or incentives.

Dr Kakoli Ghose Dastidar
Trinamool Congress activist
Phone: 011-91-98300-59332