APPEAL: Relief work for affected communities in Nandigram

APPEAL: Relief work for affected communities in Nandigram

Nandigram and Godhra were severe assaults on the face of democracy. They are the worst scars on the face of the nation. It is a shame that human rights were violated in such a way” said the Chairperson of National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) Mr Justice S Rajendra Babu. He said the NHRC was committed to protecting the rights of the people who were victims of “opportunist” politics in both the states.

Nandigram has been in the centre-stage of barbaric violence, gross human rights violations interspersed with state-sponsored political suppression in West Bengal, India for nearly a year now. CPI (M), the ruling party in West Bengal, has come under severe criticism globally.

Normal lives of 10,000 – 12,000 families in Nandigram have been adversely affected, being displaced from their dwellings, livelihoods being jeopardised, and remaining scattered mostly staying with their relatives.

The CPM cadres have forcibly closed down all other relief camps. The only relief camp running with about 1500 people is at Brij Mohan Tiwari Shiksha Niketan in Nandigram.

Volunteers are needed to go to the area to break the atmosphere of terror created by CPM cadres so that families may return to their homes.

‘Dharna Manch’ has been set up in Dharamtalla, opposite Metro Cinema next to Esplanade Metro Station in Kolkata, from where relief work is being coordinated. Every day relief trucks leave from here with clothes, food grains, tarpaulin sheets, baby food and other items accompanied by some volunteers.

So, anybody desiring to participate in relief work must reach here (Dharna Manch in Kolkata).

The contact numbers are: Debjit Dutta 9433624241 and Sudipto 9433972662

Donations should be sent in the name of 'Nandigram Support Fund' to A/c No. 15210153262 of Canara Bank, Bowbazar Branch, Kolkata.

National Alliance of People’s Movements (NAPM), Asha Parivar, Association for India’s Development