Keep The Promise Campaign!

Keep The Promise Campaign!

- A 120 Days (7 April – 4 August 2007) media advocacy and communications campaign to raise awareness about existing tobacco control legislations (including FCTC) in countries in Asia and Africa, bring out challenges in their enforcement and increase media coverage of the same. The campaign shall also remind of promises made on tobacco control by policy makers of different countries in Asia and Africa and strengthen advocacy to Keep The Promises!

About the KTP Campaign:
There is a pressing need to raise awareness not only about tobacco hazards, but also about existing tobacco control legislations in countries in Asia and Africa, including FCTC as well as monitor tobacco industry while we enforce these public health laws. The KTP Campaign aims to raise coverage of issues that impede tobacco control responses in different countries by taking interviews of in-country activists and policy makers and engaging media of these countries with in-depth op-ed articles getting published nationally as well as globally on different media networks. This campaign shall also monitor tobacco industry’s efforts to circumvent or slow down FCTC processes in different countries, and expose policy violations as well.

The Campaign shall have two ‘innings’, one to lead up to the World No-Tobacco Day (31 May 2007) and the other to lead up to COP II (Conference of Parties) and after. All through we wish to sustain civil society engagement and document the responses on our electronic groups (with more than 7000 members) as well as in articles we generate in different countries of Asia and Africa.

- To remind policy makers of their own promises to save needless diseases, disabilities and deaths attributed to tobacco use a reality

- To raise awareness about existing tobacco control legislations including national legislations and FCTC

- To raise awareness and engage civil society before, during and after COP II (Conference of Parties) take place in Bangkok, Thailand

- To expose violations of the existing tobacco control laws

- To integrate messages on smoke-free environment through rights perspective

- To emphasize the need to scale up quality cessation services to make smoke-free environment a reality

You can be part of the campaign by:

- Becoming a Campaign partner by sending us your organizations’ endorsement

- Contributing to the on-line discussion on keeping the promise to save needless diseases, disabilities and deaths attributed to tobacco use a reality. You will have the opportunity to give input on your local/national situations for Op-ed editorial articles to be placed in different countries in Asia, Africa and Middle-East, as well as receiving background information on specific issues and our CNS Correspondent team articles.

- Giving an interview to our CNS Correspondent for news stories in your country’s media

- Adding your name to a campaign on-line petition

- Help inform your local network and media contacts about the campaign, and regularly update them as the campaign goes forward;

- Engage individuals and organizations in the on-line discussion;

- Organize local advocacy initiatives around World No-Tobacco Day with Keep-the-Promise Campaign key messages.

For more information, please contact: Keep-The-Promise-Campaign

Organized by:

Citizen News Service (CNS), Tobacco Control Resource Centre at TCC, KGMU, Indian Society Against Smoking (ISAS), Monitor Lucknow (fortnightly newspaper), CitizenNews and DailySouthAsian electronic forums.

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