Philosophy can be fun

Mohammed Arif and Mohammed Ali Vakil are two energetic brothers in their early thirties based in Bangalore, with a spark of creativity. Small wonder that have published a ninety five page English book titled 40 Sufi comics under the "Creative Commons Attribution No Derivative Works" licence. The Vakils' work was released on-line and in print in January 2011. One can read 40 Sufi Comics on the Internet or purchase it through Amazon and Flipkart. It contains short, simple and meaningful stories represented using black, white and grey illustrations drawn by them.

The subjects that they have chosen include Love, Knowledge, Ethics, Spirituality, Mother, Prayer, God et al. Alongside, there are translations of relevant verses from the Quran and quotes from the Prophet and other teachers.

The inspiration for this anthology were the witty, adventurous and engaging lessons that the brothers learnt in their childhood and teens at a Madressa.

To take a peek into the regular writings of the Vakil duo, read their interesting Thoughts on Spirituality, Productivity and Life

Pushpa Achanta

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  1. "Philosophy Made Fun is dedicated to those heroes who show that doing philosophy can be fun. I will be linking a lot to other people's sites and posts, but I'll always do my best to attribute the credit where it should go.

    There are of course different understandings of fun that can come under this heading.

    There is philosophy-made-fun strictly interpreted: philosophers showing off how enjoyable philosophy can be. Quirky for example.

    There is making-fun-of philosophy. With jokes.

    There is philosophy-made-funny: for example the use of humour as a bridge to non-philosophers.

    There is the philosophy-through-fun: the use of humour to make a philosophical point.

    Suggestion for any of these, or more, are welcome!"