United Against the Burma Army: Ethnic Nationalities Call for Federalism

As part of the South Asian Solidarity Forum for Federal Democracy in Myanmar, this week on Friday, 19th February 2021, the session will focus on the theme: "United Against the Burma Army: Ethnic Nationalities Call for Federalism."

19th February, Friday

7pm India/ Sri Lanka
(6:30pm Pakistan, 7:15pm Nepal, 7:30pm Bangladesh, 8pm Myanmar, 8:30pm Thailand)

Zoom link
Zoom Meeting ID: 869 3743 5374


  • Yasmin Ullah, a Rohingya social justice activist born in Northern Rakhine state of Myanmar
  • Moon Nay Li, a Kachin woman activist and Advocacy and Information Officer, Kachin Women's Association Thailand (KWAT)
  • Wahkushee Tenner, Karen woman activist and Director of the Karen Peace Support Network (KPSN)
  • Debbie Stothard, noted human rights defender and coordinator, ALTSEAN-BURMA (moderator)

The purpose is to give forum participants a deeper understanding of the specific impact that ethnic communities perceive due to the coup on their community in Burma. In many areas, the Burma Army was encroaching on territory supposedly off limits under the NCA (nationwide ceasefire agreement) and displacing hundreds of villagers many years before the coup, and now intensifying their attacks. The situation for the Rohingya community is also complex, as atrocities experienced under previous dictators did not end with the election of Aung San Suu Kyi, while the current coup regime has begun making promises for refugee repatriation. Listen to experiences and perspectives of women of ethnic background, and know more about the actions they are calling for which would be most helpful to support their communities now.


Caw Ruprecht, Herman Kumara (Sri Lanka), Kalpana Acharya (Nepal), Nurul Islam Hasib (Bangladesh), Dr Sandeep Pandey, Shobha Shukla, Bobby Ramakant (India)
(part of organizing team for South Asia regional solidarity forums for development justice)