[podcast] No deep sea mining

This Podcast features Dr Helen Rosenbaum, who was a keynote speaker for the Sustainable Development e-Talks (#SDGtalks) - a special series, co-hosted by CNS and Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Indore from World Health Day (7 April 2020) to World Environment Day (5 June 2020). She spoke on "Moratorium on deep sea mining is the only responsible way forward."

Dr Helen Rosenbaum is the Coordinator of the Deep Sea Mining Campaign, an association of individuals and organisations worldwide concerned about the potential impacts of DSM. Helen has 25 years experience in community development, research and policy analysis, human rights and environmental advocacy. Helen has earned a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Medical Research and has also worked as a marine eco- toxicologist.

She was in conversation with CNS Managing Editor and Executive Director Shobha Shukla, who is also the coordinator of Asia Pacific media network to end TB & tobacco, and prevent NCDs (APCAT Media).

For more information, be welcome to visit www.bit.ly/sdgtalks


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