[podcast] Are we on track to prevent breast cancer and avert untimely deaths?

This Podcast features Ritu Bhatia, Dr Pooja Ramakant, Dr Lopamudra Das Roy and Bret and Peggy Miller, who share their insights on "Reality check on preventing breast cancer and averting untimely deaths." They were keynote speakers for the Sustainable Development e-Talks (#SDGtalks) - a special series, co-hosted by CNS and Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Indore from World Health Day (7 April 2020) to World Environment Day (5 June 2020).

  • Ritu Bhatia, senior journalist who specializes in medical and health journalism (and a breast cancer patient)
  • Dr Pooja Ramakant, noted breast cancer surgeon and researcher; Additional Professor, Department of Endocrine Surgery, King George's Medical University (KGMU); Vice Dean of Innovations, KGMU; and former part of Editorial Board of Indian Association of Endocrine Surgeons (IAES); recipient of 2015 Fellowship of UICC (Union for International Cancer Control) in Geneva.
  • Dr Lopamudra Das Roy, founded Breast Cancer Hub (BCH), has over 18 years of experience in research, training and mentoring UG and PhD candidates in the field of genetics and breast and pancreatic cancer. She has been a Research Professor, University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Her original research work on discovering the signaling pathway between breast cancer metastasis and arthritis, is attributed with numerous high impact factor publications and citations with global recognition from American Association of Cancer Research. She received the coveted Award of Excellence for Humanitarian service, at Male Breast Cancer Coalition Conference, 2019
  • Bret Miller and Peggy Miller from Male Breast Cancer Coalition (MBCC). When diagnosed with breast cancer at age 24, Bret promised his surgeon no man would ever feel alone when hearing the words, "You have breast cancer." Teaming up with others dedicated to end the stigma and feelings of abandonment associated with a male breast cancer diagnosis, Bret and his team members formed Male Breast Cancer Coalition in 2014. Breast cancer does not discriminate and we want everyone to know "Men Have Breasts Too", says MBCC team.

They were in conversation with CNS Managing Editor and Executive Director Shobha Shukla, who is also the coordinator of Asia Pacific media network to end TB & tobacco, and prevent NCDs (APCAT Media).

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