Youth must have access to comprehensive sexuality education and SRH services

“Youth and adolescents are centre stage to laws and policies that govern their sexual and reproductive health and rights. They should have access to evidence based and age appropriate sexuality education, as well as to youth friendly sexual and reproductive health services, so that all young women and men are able to make informed choices to lead a healthy life”, says Esther Tahrir, Founder and Director of GOJoven International & Global Health Leaders, at Public Health Institute (PHI), California, USA, where she also directs global youth engagement and adolescent health projects.

Esther spoke with CNS Special Correspondent Rahul Dwivedi onsite the Regional Consortium Meeting of Implementing Best Practices Or IBP initiative of World Health Organisation, held in New Delhi, India.  Follow PHI on twitter @PHIGlobalHealth, and @riseupforgirls campaign led by PHI.

‘Focus’ is a CNS video series on current global health and development priorities. This is episode 136.