Can global peace and harmony be a reality?

Dr Ajit Kumar Verma
Dr Ajit Kumar Varma, CNS Columnist
I am writing this as I am deeply pained by all the atrocities, killings, aggression and war rampant in different parts of the world. All this mad frenzy of violence and killing, which is going on all around us, has been present there in varying degrees since civilization began. Recent acts of terrorism have escalated it to new despicable heights. Nations are now discussing ways and means of countering the nefarious acts of terrorism. But most discussions on peace centre around ways of subjugation and suppression of the 'enemy'. Now there are talks of waging a war on terror.

Let us not forget that never in the history of mankind has peace been established with subjugation, suppression and/or war. It has only lead to rebound of attacks of terror. Peace, love and harmony can only happen with self-inquiry, understanding the importance of changing oneself, and evolving into a better human being.  People who matter must understand this. Not just them, but all of us. The entire human population inhabiting our beautiful planet must understand this, and make sincere efforts to self-evolve. Only then can peace and harmony be established globally. It is definitely possible, and it must happen soon. There is no time to loose. Otherwise in a couple of generations, I shudder to think the state of our Mother Earth and the human species. Let us do our little, by informing the masses the proper way.

Our goal should be to love and serve the world unconditionally, because that is the highest path. When there is pure love in our heart, there is no separateness. We are all searching for this love, and the most wonderful thing is that it is within each and every one of us, without exception, just waiting to manifest itself. Each and every one of us has this love and compassion within us. But most of us keep it locked within ouselves. We just have to change our attitude and allow this love and compassion to manifest itself. This is the ultimate fulfillment. It is not very difficult, if we truly want this to happen. When the catalyst of love fills our heart, it overflows in the form of compassion. Instead of focusing on receiving, we should strive to give love and compassion to others, whenever and howsoever we can.

We are not like a candle that needs to be lit, but are like the self-luminous sun-- bright and glorious. We must have deep faith in this absolute fact. This is the way to global peace and harmony. This surely will happen if each and every one of the approximately seven billion human beings inhabiting this beautiful planet, our Mother Earth, truly wants this to happen. Each one of us can live in the world in which ever capacity or profession he or she is in. The education should start in schools. Children can easily comprehend this ideal and live it. Constant meditation on this truth will change us for the better. Global peace and harmony then definitely would become a reality.

Dr Ajit Kumar Varma, Citizen News Service - CNS 
November 18, 2015