[Online consultation] Topic 1: Diverse Voices, United Action

The Citizen News Service (CNS) and SEA-AIDS eForum Resource Team have launched the topic 1 online consultation in lead up to the 10th International Congress on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific (10th ICAAP). The Topic 1 is open for comments during 21-31 July 2011. The GUIDING QUESTION is: Who are the different partners/ stakeholders that should join hands in your local setting to improve HIV responses? Also share examples of best practices of local partnerships that are working. HAVE YOUR SAY!!! (send comment to bobby@citizen-news.org)

Background: (Source: 10th ICAAP website) The theme of the 10th ICAAP is "Diverse Voices, United Action." HIV/AIDS epidemic is not only deemed as a health issue but a political as well as social and economic one. The pertinent partakers therefore are from diverse backgrounds in society today and we should be able to accommodate the different and changing needs by accepting and working with voices from everyone and anyone.

Have your say! (send comment to bobby@citizen-news.org)

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Citizen News Service (CNS) and
SEA-AIDS eForum Resource Team