2011 Global Fund Partnership Forum e-Consultations: Adding Your Voice to the Global Fund's 2012-2016 Strategy

The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (The Global Fund) supported a consultative process through online thematic consultations, survey and in-country interviews among other mechanisms, in lead up to the Partnership Forum 2011. The analytical report of the online consultation and survey "2011 Global Fund Partnership Forum e-Consultations: Adding Your Voice to the Global Fund's 2012-2016 Strategy" summarizes what respondents to the eForum and the e-Survey said, in two parts: (1) Part I: Summaries from the three separate topics discussed over the multi-language e-Forum. The summaries capture contributions from e-Forum discussants, grouped by the three topics discussed; and (2) Part II: Analysis of the 2011 Partnership Forum e-Survey responses. Survey data is collated and presented under the five sub-themes of the 2011 Partnership Forum, highlighting broader feedback on measures for improved clarity and effectiveness in all that we do.

Published in mid June 2011, this Report is intended to serve as an important input into the in-person consultations in São Paulo, and therefore, the future Strategy of the Global Fund.

Further background note:
In 2002, the Global Fund was created to save lives and restore hope to millions of people. Eight years on, Global Fund financing has contributed to saving more than 6.5 million lives and it has achieved this through the collective action and commitment of all sectors of society. The Global Fund's overall governance framework fully embodies this shared action and commitment. Every 2 to 2.5 years – the Global Fund Board convenes a 'Partnership Forum' to consult with all stakeholders on its policies and strategies. The uniqueness of each Partnership Forum is the open and participatory way that all sectors of society can be engaged in collectively shaping the work of the Global Fund.

Working within the scope of the overall theme "Working Together, Shaping the Future (Access, Accountability, Rights)", the 2011 Partnership Forum consultations comprise:

- A multi-language e-Survey, produced in English, Spanish, French and Russian online for six weeks, promoted across the globe

- A moderated e-Forum discussion in four languages – English, Spanish, Russian and French over a six week period. A Chinese language e-Forum discussion was also hosted.

- Country-level interviews in seven countries with a variety of Global Fund stakeholders

- An in-person consultation in São Paulo, Brazil over 28 – 30 June 2011

These consultations are being undertaken at an important time for the Global Fund and its constituencies. They coincide with and inform the implementation of a reform agenda for a more efficient and effective Global Fund. The reform areas identify areas where changes to the Global Fund's business model will support even greater impact in the future.

Simultaneously – and interconnected with the reform agenda – the Global Fund's Board is developing a new Strategy for the period 2012 to 2016. A key focus of the Board's deliberations is how the Global Fund's resources can be better leveraged within the scope of the three diseases to have even more impact on the health related Millennium Development Goals. The 2011 Partnership Forum consultations present a key opportunity for broad, participatory input on the Strategy – to build on the Strategy Framework that was considered by the Global Fund Board in May 2011.

In-person consultation at Sao Paulo
Due to the quality and extensive quantity of information collected, further analysis will be undertaken after the São Paulo consultations to ensure the suggestions made and opinions expressed are fully utilized. Further analysis will also be done on the survey data to look in depth at the correlations, for example to show regional trends and differences and to show differences between type of organizations and what they expressed. This data will be used by the Global Fund to inform its programming and function as it moves towards implementing its new five-year Strategy.

The report is online here 


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