Delhi High Court Dismisses Petition against Medha Patkar

Medha Patkar
The criminal revision petition filed challenging the medical certificate of Medha Patkar and seeking revision of dismissal order of the Metropolitan Magistrate was rejected admission by the single judge bench of Justice Ajay Bharhoke of the High Court of Delhi. The petition challenged the order of dismissal by Metropolitan Magistrate of Patiala High Court, Delhi. Before the learned Metropolitan Magistrate, an application was filed under section 197 and 198 of Indian Penal Code on grounds of perjury alleging Ms Patkar's medical certificate as fake. Read more

It was on 3.3.2009 that Ms. Patkar couldn't attend a case at Patiala High Court, New Delhi due to back pain and doctors advising against long distance travel, while she attended villager's dialogue with the Collector, Nandurbar. There was no contradiction or perjury in the two acts, yet the petition challenged the certificate. Justice Bharhoke, considering the petition as out rightly frivolous, rejected even admission of the case.

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