CNS coverage from OPEN FORUM-4 on key issues in TB drug development, Ethiopia

Three CNS writers (Shobha Shukla, Chief Masimba K Biriwasha and Bobby Ramakant) wrote on issues around the TB drug development, in lead up to the Open Forum-4 meeting held recently in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (18-19 August 2010). One CNS writer (Shobha Shukla) was writing on-site from this meet (Open Forum-4 on key issues in TB Drug Development) with support from the organizers: Global Alliance for TB Drug Development (TB Alliance), Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Treatment Action Group (TAG) and Stop TB Partnership Working Group on New Drugs; and Citizen News Service (CNS). Read more

Broadly speaking, CNS provided in-depth issue-focussed coverage on TB drug development regulatory issues, and other relates issues. These CNS articles were published in a diverse range of media outlets of many countries including: India, Pakistan, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Brunei Darussalam, Ghana, United Arab Emirates (UAE), USA, New Zealand, Bangladesh, South Korea, among others. CNS also used social media extensively to disseminate articles through Twitter (3000+), Facebook (2600+), younews, reddit, digg, newstrust,, AIDSspace, nowpublic and others. These articles were also disseminated via electronic discussion forums on specific issues like SEA-AIDS, Stop-TB, Lung Health, to name a few. Synopsis of these articles was translated in Thai language and broadcasted through FM 102.5 in Thailand

A. Audio recordings of CNS Exclusive interviews from Open Forum-4 are available online here

B. EIGHT CNS Articles from Open Forum-4 are as follows: