CNS coverage in lead up to and on-site from the XVIII International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2010)

Seven CNS writers (Anjali Singh, Bobby Ramakant, Chief Masimba Biriwasha, Jittima Jantanamalaka (daily FM Radio broadcasts 102.5), Medha Patkar, Shobha Shukla and Sugata Mukhopadhyay) wrote on issues around HIV and TB-HIV co-infection from their local contexts, in the lead up to and during the XVIII International AIDS Conference (IAC/ AIDS 2010) in Vienna, Austria. Bobby Ramakant was supported by the Stop TB Partnership and PANOS Global AIDS Programme and some of the articles below were published in PANOSCOPE - daily on-site newspaper published at IAC. Read more

Broadly speaking, CNS provided in-depth issue-focussed coverage on gender, home-based AIDS care, tuberculosis (TB) and TB-HIV co-infection, punitive laws and AIDS responses for transgender and men-who-have-sex-with-men (MSM), AIDS financing, free trade agreements (FTAs) and its impact on access to medicines, children and other related issues.

These articles were published in a diverse range of media outlets of many countries including: India, Pakistan, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Brunei Darussalam, Ghana, UAE, USA, New Zealand, Bangladesh, South Korea, among others. CNS also used social media extensively to disseminate articles through Twitter (3000+), Facebook (2500+), younews, reddit, digg, newstrust,, AIDSspace, nowpublic and others. These articles were also disseminated via electronic discussion forums on specific issues like SEA-AIDS, Stop-TB, Lung Health, to name a few. A select number of articles below on TB were also published in the daily on-site newspaper at AIDS 2010 - PANOSCOPE.

A. Audio recordings of sessions CNS covered are available online here
B. Photographs from AIDS 2010 are available online here

C. THIRTY CNS articles from AIDS 2010 are as follows:
2- Despite high risk, HIV services don’t reach 9/10 MSM and transgender people
3- Spotlight on TB-HIV co-infection at AIDS 2010
4- Should tuberculosis (TB)-preventive therapy (IPT) be given to all?
5- Hepatitis C: Cure and control, right now!
6- Prevent TB: IPT works, IPT is safe
7- AIDS: Where Goes the Money?
8- TB Cough-in/Coffin March: TB on IAC agenda as never before
9- Stop TB Partnership signs MoU with UNAIDS to improve TB-HIV responses
10- TB-HIV co-infection: Giving ART and Treating TB slow HIV progression
11- Spain should increase investment in tuberculosis Research & Development
12- Punitive laws limit access to HIV services for MSM and transgender people
13- Make Art, Stop AIDS
14- Can TB patients say "Rights Here, Right Now"?
15- Fund the Global Fund to save lives from AIDS, TB, and Malaria: HERE I AM Ambassador
16- Developed countries stop using arm-twisting measures in FTA negotiations
17- Red Ribbon Express begins its Journey in Uttar Pradesh
18- Only Rights Can Stop The Wrongs
19- A new TB vaccine could be ready by 2020
20- Priority is to up collaborative TB-HIV activities
21- Criminalization of injecting drug users (IDU) fuels HIV epidemic
22- Rights Here, Right Now: Where Are They For The Gays?
23- A childhood free from tuberculosis (TB)
24- Turning the Page to a New Era in HIV Prevention Research
25- Another HIV+ woman commits suicide: Will XVIII IAC address stigma?
26- Red Ribbon Express: On track to good health
27- APCOM to tackle HIV among MSM and transgender people
28- Celebrating Diversity And Inclusiveness In The Age of Consent